Mayweather vs Canelo Stats & Facts

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It may have been Saturday but school was in session at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night. Floyd Mayweather doesn't fight a fight.... He gives a performance.

He is Mikhail Baryshnikov... He is Luciano Pavarotti... He is Beethoven.

Well, at least boxing's version of those fine performers.

Boxing's top fighter, Floyd Mayweather, 36, outclassed surging 23 year old Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez to win the RING/Lineal jr middleweight titles and retain his status as the best, pound-for-pound.

With the win, Mayweather improves to 45-0, 26 KOs while Canelo drops to 42-1-1, 30 KOs.

The size difference was immediately apparent as Floyd entered the ring at 150 lbs, 15 lbs lighter than Alvarez. Simply put, Mayweather vs Canelo looked, visually-speaking, like a clash between two fighters who should be in different weight classes.

Undersized but not unbound, the legendary "Money May," who was fighting off his shortest layoff since 2001, was quick, precise and extremely sharp, even dropping hard leather at times to keep the younger man at bay.

Indeed, it was Floyd, and not Canelo (the bigger, stronger, more acknowledged puncher), who executed better with power, unleashing explosive, eye-catching combinations that often jarred Canelo's head back.

Attacking the younger man at angles, employing impeccable footwork and anticipating Canelo's movements - It was classic Floyd Mayweather.... Hit and don't be hit.

Canelo Alvarez Was Game
As for Canelo Alavrez, he fought valiantly and was not without a few, albeit lesser significant, highlight moments himself. The Mexican attempted to set traps, held his own defensively early on and tried earnestly and consistently to close the distance and connect with big shots.

When on the inside, especially early, Canelo worked. He unleashed wicked uppercuts and hooks, but would be a fraction too late or not land cleanly.

Also, Canelo, despite getting Mayweather to react to feints, wasn't able to capitalize due to Mayweather's superior speed.

Alvarez's best shot was his thudding right hand to the left side of Mayweather's body which he threw from long range and landed often, from start to finish. But the usually-explosive Alvarez appeared slower than in previous fights and was sometimes made to look amateurish by Floyd's speed, technique and intelligent instincts.

While many fans are critical of Alvarez's performance, Floyd Mayweather isn't exactly the easiest guy to hit and Canelo should be credited for trying to make something happen.

He provided a few exciting moments, never quit and clearly had a gameplan going in - But Mayweather has a tendency to twart gameplans, as well as opponents' Plan B, C and D.

A case can be made for Canelo winning 3 rounds - something few fighters have accomplished against Mayweather.

In the end, the fighter known as "Money May" won via the scores of 117-111, 116-112 and a highly-criticized 114-114.

(For FightSaga's pre-fight team prediction roundtable, Joseph Herron, host of The Pugilist KOrner radio show, predicted a Mayweather majority decision victory by the scores of 116-112 twice and 114-114, and even correctly named the judge who would see an even fight.) 

"I just listened to my corner, listened to my dad," Mayweather said. "My dad had a brilliant game plan, and I went out there and got the job done."

"He's a tough competitor," Mayweather said. "A tough competitor."

Canelo acknowledged Floyd's proficiencies, stating, "He's very talented, very elusive."

Canelo added, "I didn't know how to get him, it's extremely simple," Alvarez said. "He's a great fighter, very intelligent. The frustration was getting in there, but he's a great fighter. We tried to catch him."

Mayweather vs Canelo Stats & Facts

Attendance: 16,746

Weights: Alvarez weighed in at the catchweight limit of 152 lbs and unofficially entered the ring at 165 lbs. Floyd, who weighed in at 150 1/2 lbs at the weigh-in, was an even 150 lbs in the ring.

Guaranteed Purses: Floyd Mayweather's guaranteed purse of $41.5 million is the highest pre-fight "guarantee" in fight history. Alvarez received a guarantee of $12 million.

Odds: Alvarez entered as a 2.5-to-1 to 2-to-1 betting underdog

Ranking: Floyd entered as the consensus No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world and RING's top junior middleweight contender. Alvarez entered as the junior middleweight champion and RING No. 9 boxer pound for pound.

Concurrent Two-Division Champion: Mayweather, who also entered as the WBC Welterweight Champion, is now also the RING/Lineal WBC/WBA Jr Middleweight Champion.

PunchStats: According to the official statistics, Floyd Mayweather out-landed Canelo in total punches 232 to 117 and in powershots, 93 to 73.

No Thanks
: A frustrated Alvarez landed a low blow that angered Mayweather. After time was halted for a few moments, an angered Canelo refused to touch gloves when Floyd extended his arm (customary in boxing after a low blow) when the fight resumed. 

Judging: Judge C.J. Ross, who controversially had Timothy Bradley defeating Manny Pacquiao in June 2012, was the center of controversy again after she called this bout even, 114-114. 

Mexico Audience: The fight was on free TV in Mexico, and some estimates were that 70 million people would watch.

Most Lucrative Fight Ever?: Mayweather vs Canelo may have been the highest grossing fight ever with a live gate of $20 million and at least another $100 million from pay-per-view.

Really Hot: Tickets were in such high-demand, some were being sold online for as much as $29,000.

Home Field Advantage: The sellout crowd was pro Alvarez and tried to lift Canelo but the cheers of "Canelo! Canelo!" would eventually be silenced by the Mayweather showcase

WBC's Expensive Trinkit: The will WBC anoint Mayweather with a large 24K gold (not plated) championship belt, a trophy of sorts.


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