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The Mayweather vs Berto fight result is in.

Fresh off winning the biggest fight of his career and one of the most significant in the entire history of the sport, Floyd Mayweather, who just earned a record-setting purse in May, faced lightly-regarded Andre Berto tonight in what may be have been the final bout of his illustrious career.

And to the surprise of no one, Floyd Mayweather is 49-0.

The scores were 117-111, 118-110 and 120-108, all for Floyd.

"My career is over. It's official," stated Floyd after the bout.

Mayweather entered the ring with a large ovation and appeared to have tears in his eyes during the pre-fight introductions, realizing the bout might be his last.

Floyd came out very lose while Berto looked tight in an uneventful round that was won by Floyd as a result of his stinging jab and a sweet lead left hook.

Berto performed better in Round 2 and 4 but Floyd still controlled the action while Berto continued to miss shots.

Floyd didn't look dazzling offensively but did enough to win them, utilizing an assortment of punches.

Fireworks erupted in Round 4 as Berto had Floyd on the ropes but Floyd would buckle his foe with a right hand only to eat solid shot from Berto moments later. Round for Mayweather.

Midway thru Round 5, Mayweather had outlanded Berto 71 to 21 according to Showtime.

Berto was trying to get inside and land shots but simply lacked the the explosiveness to connect cleanly and with damage.

The fighters opened up again in Round 6 as Floyd started sitting on his shots.

Berto briefly exploded in Round 7 and caught Floyd with some good shots but Floyd fired back fairly well. Nevertheless, Showtime gave Berto the stanza due his activity rate.

Rounds 8 to 12 were Floyd's as his movement and speedy counters kept Berto neutralized. He even landed a few vicious shots in spirts while heavily showboating.

In the final minute, Floyd appeared to have Berto hurt thanks to a sharp uppercut. But instead of finishing off his foe, Floyd played it safe and danced around the ring in celebration.

"I'm financially stable and have had a great career," stated Floyd who looked sharp tonight.

"Money don't make me. I make money."


Mayweather vs Berto stats and facts

  • Record of Berto's opponents heading into this bout: 405-41-9
  • According to Showtime, Floyd landed 232 of 410 shots and Berto 83 of 495; Berto connected on only 17 percent of his punches.
  • The fighters often exchanged words (smack) during the fight and in between rounds
  • Floyd told his father he hurt his right hand after Round 9
  • Floyd clinched a lot; certainly more than we are accustomed to seeing from him
  • Mayweather is 26-0, 10 KOs in championship fights
  • Attendance: 13,395


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