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Martin Murray: Brit has special trait Golovkin's previous recent opponents lacked

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Top tier middleweight contender Martin Murray, a massive underdog, will face WBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin on Saturday and very few give the challenger a chance to go the distance let alone win.

Gennady has a bloodcurdling 90 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio and has KO'd his last 18 opponents. And in addition to his punching power, Golovkin's technique, timing and sense of range are impeccable to say the least.

On the otherhand, Martin Murray isn't exceptional at any one thing. He's not slow but not particularly fast. His technical proficiencies are solid but not great and his punching power is, for a top 10 middleweight, average at best.

No wonder the Brit is a big underdog.

However, Murray has a special trait; something Golovkin's previous recent opponents could did not possess.

At 29-1-1 with 12 knockouts, some insist Murray could conceivably be 31-0. But more importantly, in his mind, Murray truly believes he's unbeaten.


In his mind, the Brit has defeated everyone he's stepped in the ring with and will enter the ring on Saturday with the kind of confidence and swagger usually reserved for fighters with perfect records.


Has Golovkin faced an opponent with that type of psychological swagger or inner aura of invincibility?

Perhaps the Golovkin foe closest to being undefeated was Grzegorz Proksa who was 28-1 when he faced Gennady in 2012. However, six months prior to his bout with Gennady, Proska dropped a decision to the unheralded Kerry Hope (then 16-3, 1 KO). Although the loss would be avenged a few months later, the fact remains Proska had been beaten by a 14/1 underdog.

When Gennady Golovkin and Martin Murray come face-to-face Saturday, both men will have the mindset of a fighter who has never truly tasted defeat.

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