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Manny Pacquiao: Is PacMan peaking too soon in training?

Joseph Herron Updated
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Although fans of the Pacman will be happy to know that their favorite fighter is getting the most of himself in the gym, is the Filipino icon doing too much too soon?

According to head trainer and Hall of Fame boxing coach Freddie Roach, he is monitoring the situation with great scrutiny.

"Pacquiao's fitness level and condition is way past where he was last year when training for the Rios fight," Freddie Roach stated to the South China Morning Post.

"Manny is in great shape. Our strength coach, Justin Fortune, came in 10 days before me and started working with Manny. By the time I worked with him, we were sparring 12 rounds in the mitts, and Pacquiao wasn't even breathing heavy."

On Monday, October 27, Top Rank, Inc. and Team Pacquiao took a mental and physical break from the rigors of training to greet the gracious media of the famed "Pearl of the Orient".

"His condition is terrific right now. That's why I wanted him to come to Hong Kong. We weren't going to come because the fight is obviously more important. But the thing is that we are way ahead of schedule."

Three decade fight trainer James Gogue states that it's very important to examine a fighter's progress closely during camp, so he doesn't "leave it all in gym" and is in peak condition when it matters the most.

"This is where Freddie's world class experience really pays off for an aging fighter like Pacquiao," states the expert fight strategist. "He realizes that Manny is 35 years old...he's not a kid any longer. It takes much longer for the body of a fighter in his mid to late thirties to recover compared to a young twenty five year old."

"Freddie knows that he can't push his fighter as hard or as frequently as used to a decade ago. I have no doubt that Roach will have Pacquiao in peak condition on November 22."

The Wildcard Gym leader seems to have the same idea regarding Pacquiao's conditioning and work regimen throughout the final stages of the eight division world champion's career.

"We had a good rest day, and today he's going to have a little bit of a workout, but nothing heavy," claims Freddie Roach. "But tomorrow, we will box nine rounds, nine rounds on Thursday and 10 rounds on Saturday, so we are working our way to a peak level and when we hit that peak, we will decide to taper off a bit."

"We still have three hard weeks of work in front of us. With three good sparring partners, it's working out well. I have one more sparring partner coming over as a reserve, but I will use him as well."


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