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Manny Pacquiao: Will 'Mr. Nice Guy' fight Floyd Mayweather May 2?

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Trainer Freddie Roach is concerned about Pac-Man's killer instinct, or lack thereof.

Has Manny Pacquiao lost that 'eye of the tiger?'

Have we witnessed the great Pacquiao evolve from a fighter of unmitigated destruction to a kinder, gentler human being inside the ring?

According to his Hall of Fame trainer, Manny lacks the killer instinct he once had, and that theme has been redundant since 2012.

"It's the biggest day of my life," Roach recently told New York Magazine.

"Manny has to fight the best fight of his life to win, and that won't be easy. I want to get him meaner and more aggressive because he's going to need it in this fight."

"He tells me, 'Let's just fight and let God decide who wins'. I said, 'Manny, God doesn't give a f*** who wins. He's got bigger things to do."

So what happened to that bloodthirsty gentleman who used to terrorize opponents in the ring? 

And yes, as Jack Dempsey, Manny Pacquiao and many others have shown us, a fighter can be a cold-blooded monster who plays by the rules inside the ring and an absolute gentlemen outside it.


... But what happens when a fighter fails to temporarily shed that gentlemanly persona when he steps in the ring?

Answer: He's clearly not at his best, regardless of his conditioning, and Freddie Roach understand this.

When a fighter is believed to possess a killer instinct, it doesn't necessarily mean he wants to commit homicide in the ring. As a matter of fact, few fighters (and hopefully none) aim to literally kill an opponent. 

Nevertheless, 'killer instinct' is a euphemism for ruthlessness. People who possess this trait are well capable of inflicting pain on others for purposes outside of self-defense. Hence, few are capable of inflicting pain on others for competition or prize money.

Fighters, especially brawlers like Manny, are typically thought to innately possess this nature, at least inside the ring. 

If two fighters of equal skill, experience and physical ability faced each other and one lacked a killer instinct, his opponent would certainly have an valuable edge, all other things being equal.

Do you remember when Manny Pacquiao floored Juan Manuel towards the end of Round 1 in their first bout and then proceeded to belt JMM while the latter was on the canvas?

.... Manny clearly wasn't attempting to break the rules but it's safe to surmise Pac-Man, out of pure desire and rage, wanted to knock his opponent into next week.

... Now, that's a fighter with a killer instinct!

He entered the ring, not with the mindset of outboxing his opponent, but looking to unleash some serious whoop a**. However, had he climbed into the ring a 'gentleman' that evening, Manny would have surely lost that fight, which ended in a draw.

Pac-Man has looked nothing short of sensational lately and his ring prowess is still awesome to say the least... But today's version of Pac-Man, sans a few moments during his fourth meeting with Marquez, has appeared reluctant to 'bring the hurt.'

Manny Pacquiao... err.. Mr. Nice Guy let a badly faded Antonio Margarito off the hook and continuously touched gloves with Shane Mosley after every round. 

And Mr. Nice Guy, so content to cruise to a decision against Tim Bradley, even ended up losing. Although he should have won that evening, failing to 'bring the pain' was a mistake.


And while he floored Chris Algieri six times, he allowed the young man to finish the fight.

Does Manny not realize the same opponent he pardons one day may very well come back and knock him out if given the same chance? 

And does Manny want to knock Floyd into next week or simply win the fight? If the answer is the latter, he may have just lost the first four rounds.

On May 2, who will see face Floyd Mayweather?

Will we see the bloodthirsty gentleman who pulverized Marco Antonio Barrera and Ricky Hatton?  Will we see in Manny a fighter who wants to unleash some ol' fashioned whoop a**?


Or will see the loving Mr. Nice Guy, the fella who everso graciously let Margarito and Mosley off the hook? 

Inquiring minds want to know... Freddie Roach wants to know.

... Let's hope Mr Nice Guy doesn't surface until after the fight.

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