Manny Pacquiao's wife: Who is Jinkee?

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Ahead of the biggest fight in boxing history, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, media has reported much about the fighters and their respective trainers as well as promoters and network executives behind the scenes.

But there is one very special individual who, since Mayweather vs Pacquiao was announced in February, has alluded widespread coverage.

... Manny Pacquiao's wife, Jinkee.  Is she Manny's secret weapon?

Behind every successful man, there's a strong woman.

Who is Jinkee Pacquiao?

Born Jinkee Jamora in General Santos, the 36 year old Pacquiao was a beauty consultant when she met the-then already-engaged, little-known Manny Pacquiao, whom she married in 2000.

Jinkee now serves as the vice governor of Sarangani, a province of the southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

A beautiful mother of five and devoted Christian with great faith, Jinkee has stood by her man, thru 'think and thin' and in good times and bad.

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Despite, and perhaps because of, her husband's wealth and popularity, she has had to overcome a few perils but appears to have passed each test with flying colors.

Several years ago, Manny, like many celebrities at one point in their career, struggled with the many lures of stardom. His gambling, adultery and supposed neglect would take a toll on their marriage but Jinkee, showing great humility, stood strong during her husband's temporary fall from grace.

“What I’ve been through, it’s very hard for me. I counted.” Jinkee told the New York Times. “It’s 11 years that I’m struggling with our marriage.”


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“I need to be strong for my children and survive everything for them."

With their marriage in a volatile state in November 2011, a supportive Jinkee helped her husband pick up the pieces and the Pacquiaos, as one, rebuilt their marriage. They sought and received counseling and, perhaps most significantly, made God the focal point of their relationship.

Now, Manny is a changed man and the marriage is believed to be stronger than ever.

Heading into Saturday's bout, Floyd and Manny will each have certain advantages over the other. Mayweather is believed to have an edge in size and reach while Manny is considered the harder puncher.

But, perhaps there is one very important element many writers have overlooked?

Behind every successful man, there's a strong woman.

In an ideal world, every husband would have a wife like Jinkee but, realistically, very few probably deserve it.

Jinkee Pacquiao Facts

  • Born January 12, 1979 (Age 36)
  • Has been married to Manny for 15 years
  • Mother of 5
  • Devoted Christian who reads The Bible
  • An icon in her native Philippines, Jinkee has shared the stage with her husband on reality shows, television specials, and commercials.
  • Has graced the cover of many Filipino magazines
  • Vice governor of Sarangani
  • Insists she still doesn’t mind being called “Manny’s wife.”

Jinkee's Tips on Saving a Marriage


1) Don’t be too proud/Don’t sleep without trying to make amends. 

2) Men are like little children. They still need to be cuddled and loved. They need attention.

3) Support his dreams, whatever they are.

4) Find time to go on vacation with the family, Bond 

5) Stay beautiful. Take care of your body.

6) Flirt with him a little; Don't always be so serious

7) Pray

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