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Manny Pacquiao vs Horn rematch: Be careful Freddie

Lee Cleveland Updated
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"Fight a rematch with Horn, otherwise retire," Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, speaking of his pupil Manny Pacquiao, recently told TMZ.

"Fighters get old overnight, he did okay in the fight, but just okay, and just okay isn't good enough."

The axiom 'get old overnight' refers to aging fighters who appear to be in top form and then, in one fight, look like a shell of themselves without prior warning.

Most aging fighters, of course, decline gracefully and over time a la Muhammad Ali.

But yes, fighters have been known to ‘hit a brick wall’ when no one saw it coming. Roy Jones Jr is a fine example.

Per Roach, Pacquiao has only two options... avenge the loss to Jeff Horn or hang em' up.

But, has Manny gotten old overnight?

Maybe he took Horn too lightly and/or was too immersed in his responsibilities as a senator to properly prepare?

Regardless, Roach has been talking to the media an awful lot about his prized pupil, and saying some things should be left private between him and Manny.

Announcing to the world Manny is over-the-hill won't sell a lot of tickets for Pacquiao vs Horn 2 and will only give Jeff added confidence in their rematch.

Be careful, Freddie.

Given Manny is already upset about the Horn fight and hasn't had a knockout in years, a trainer switch wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility - especially with Freddie's loose lips.

Does Manny Pacquiao still need boxing icon Freddie Roach to be successful in the ring at this stage of his future Hall of Fame career anyway?

Pacquiao vs Horn 2 | Rematch News
Date: November or December
Venue: TBD
Location: Brisbane or Melbourne, Australia

Braodcast: ESPN

Division: Welterweight
Title: WBO
Champion: Jeff Horn

"An experienced fight trainer assumes many more roles in a fighter's career than just teaching him the fundamentals of boxing," expert boxing coach James Gogue told FightSaga Radio last year.

"You have to manage the entire camp for the fighter, which means you have to develop the right strategy and find the right sparring to work on the game plan."

"You also have to monitor his weight and work at the appropriate pace for an older fighter, so that he goes into the fight peaking at the right time."

"No, Freddie isn't going to be teaching Manny Pacquiao how to fight at this stage of his career..."

Having Roach involved in PacMan's training camp and preparation is certainly a benefit for Team Pacquiao but there are other knowledgeable trainers who can effectively manage a training camp and are good motivators. In addition, Manny could conceivably add a nuance or two with guidance from a trainer with a different perspective.

I'm not suggesting that Manny replace Roach but he’s certainly not dependent on Freddie.

Freddie's comments of late could make for a strained relationship and training environment. And no matter how good a coach and/or or player is, tense work environments usually hinder production.


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