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Manny Pacquiao vs Canelo Alvarez: Roach says PacMan kicks his a**

Joseph Herron Updated
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No...eight division world titlist and Philippines Senator Manny Pacquiao will not be fighting Gennady Golovkin anytime soon.

Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum was once again merely toying with the ambulance chasing internet media, concerning the mythical, pound for pound match-up.

But to the surprise of most who packed the Wildcard Gym on Wednesday afternoon, the Pacman's renowned trainer believes a pairing with another "Middleweight" champion could be on the 2017 horizon.

"I don't think we would be able to settle on a weight for a fight with Golovkin, but Canelo Alvarez is definitely possible," Freddie Roach stated to FightHub TV at Pacquiao's media workout on Wednesday, October 26, 2015.

"I would like to fight that fight. But I would have to put a cap on how much he would be able to gain after the weigh-in."

"That would be the key to that fight. Restrict Canelo from gaining 30 pounds on fight night."

Although the Mexican superstar is the current lineal Middleweight champion, Alvarez has never scaled in above 155 pounds during any customary pre-fight weigh-in, which traditionally takes place the day before the actual fight. Despite rumors that the questionable 5 foot 9 inch puncher gains an additional 25 to 30 pounds after the state commission's mandatory weigh-in, Canelo's heaviest recorded weight on fight night has only been 174 pounds, which was measured before facing Alfredo Angulo in March of 2014.

But since the Jalisco native's bout with Erislandy Lara, in which Canelo Alvarez weighed 171 pounds on July 12, 2014, publicized same day weigh-ins have been restricted by Team Alvarez.

While training four-division world champion Miguel Cotto for his meeting with the popular Golden Boy fighter, Coach Freddie believed Alvarez to be an estimated 30 pounds above the negotiated 155 pound catch-weight on November 21, 2015. If the 26 year old puncher were to step in the ring with Manny next year, the experienced fight trainer would insist on enforcing a weight restriction and a hydration cap for the day of the fight.

"A 30 pound weight advantage wouldn't be a fair fight," claims Roach. "So we would have to make a weight that everyone would agree on, and we would have to put a cap on his weight...but I would love to fight him."

After having a ringside seat at the Cotto/Canelo showdown last year, and seeing Alvarez's decision winning performance up-close, Freddie is admittedly impressed with the Mexican star's progression in the ring.

"He's getting better and better with each fight. I didn't expect him to be that good in the Cotto fight. I think his people are doing a great job, and I think he's becoming a threat. I know he's a big ticket seller and a tough guy...but I still think Manny Pacquiao will kick his ass!"

But is Canelo the best fighter in boxing currently, as he recently claimed?

Immediately after defeating former WBO Super Welterweight title holder Liam Smith in September, the red-headed, two-division world champion made the following bold claim: "I know a lot of people might not agree with this, but I feel like I'm the best fighter in boxing."

The seven-time trainer of the year believes a match-up against Pacquiao would be a step towards proving the controversial proclamation...with a weight stipulation, of course.

"That's okay for him to say that, but fight Manny and don't gain a hundred pounds after the weight in...then we'll see."

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