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Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios: Prediction and Observation

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In November, the world will once again gather around their television sets to see Manny Pacquiao attempt to redeem himself from his KO loss to Juan Manuel Marquez.

His opponent, Brandon Rios, lost decisively in his last bout against Mike Alvarado.

(Mayweather vs Canelo Fight Page)

Regardless of the fact that they both lost their last bouts, they will be fighting for the WBO International Championship.

When a mega fight of this magnitude takes place, the promoter will sometimes find some kind of title to put on the line.

The sanctioning bodies of boxing all want to be involved in something like this because of the profitability. Regardless of both fighters suffering defeats in their last bouts, this fight will still bring in multi millions for both combatants.

Do they deserve to be on such a high stage immediately after being defeated?

I don't feel that they do.

Pacquiao is entitled to an opportunity to redeem himself due to the fact that he has defeated so many champions and future hall of famers. But I don't think he should be making more money than the guy who just beat him. As for Rios, the only reason he is getting this opportunity is because Bob Arum promotes both guys.

Rios has yet to defeat an elite fighter who is anywhere near Pacquiao's caliber.

The reality of the situation is Arum would rather match two of his fighters against each other and keep 100% of the revenue than putting his best fighter in against a rival promoter's best guy in a mega fight where he would have to share the profits. But regardless of Alvarado's victory over Rios, this is the fight we have.

Manny Pacquiao lands a right jab to the face of Juan Manuel Marquez in Pacquiao vs Marquez III in November 2011.

Courtesy of Chris Farina, Top Rank

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The fight will be a good confidence-builder for Pacquiao coming off of a knockout loss but the only one with something to prove is Rios.

A Pacquiao win will not show that he is ready for Mayweather or even a rematch with Marquez. But if Pacquiao loses, his career is over. So Rios has nothing to lose; which along with his pressure, punching power, and almost reckless mentality makes him extremely dangerous.

You can be sure Rios will come to fight.

So how does the fight play out?

Well, it's pretty obvious that Pacquiao will probably win.

Of course, Rios has a 'puncher's chance' if he catches Pac Man with a big shot that he doesn't see coming and puts him to sleep the way Marquez did.

But Rios doesn't give himself opportunities to land punches like that. He usually stalks his man with his hands high and takes shots to give them. If he walks straight to Pacquiao, he will be walking right into a 50 caliber machine gun. Manny is gonna flurry and step away.

Mike Alvarado decisions Brandon Rios in their rematch in March 2012
Courtesy of Chris Farina, Top Rank

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With Robert Garcia in Brandon's corner, this fight will probably be similar to Pacquiao vs Margarito. I hope that for Rios' sake, Garcia is working with him on his timing and feints. If Rios can find a way to disrupt Pacquiao's timing, he will do better. But Manny has such a tremendous speed advantage over Brandon and it won't allow Rios to win a lot of rounds.

Rios has never been in with someone like this. He will definitely be out of his league.

Look for a stoppage at some point. Whether it be because of cuts, quitting in the corner, or Brandon gets put down for the count. Pacquiao vs Rios won't be close nor will it go the distance.


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