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Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios: Can the underdog follow Marquez's blueprint and KO PacMan?

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Brandon Rios was recently interviewed by our friends at 'Desde El Ring' and provided great insight on how he intends to defeat Manny Pacquiao this Saturday. He intends to duplicate Juan Manuel Marquez's performance last December by knocking out the Filipino star with a lethal punch of his own.

In Spanish, Rios told Desde El Ring how he intends to do it.

"Marquez demonstrated Pacquiao has a weak chin, he [Marquez] hits hard, but I hit harder."

Marquez, of course, connected a devastating punch that knocked Manny out cold.

Marquez's ability to connect the lethal punch was greatly due to his familiarity with Pacquiao, having been in the ring with him for 36 rounds and 108 minutes. It gave him an understanding and familiarity no one else had.

Based on the level of familiarity Marquez had with Manny, he constructed the winning "blueprint" for the 4th match.

Marquez entered the ring with every intention to knockout Manny, practicing the infamous punch, time and time again in camp.

"I waited for Manny's feint, when he goes in, he goes in with his head," said Marquez.

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Earlier this fall prior to his October bout with Tim Bradley, Marquez told EsNews, "After all those fights, I knew what he likes to do. He has a little feint that he does when he's coming in. That little feint, I was waiting for it. I knew it was coming because I saw it earlier. As soon as I saw that little feint, I knew he was coming right at me."

"That's when I threw the punch."

This is the blueprint Team Rios intends to follow the day of the fight. Having studied Pacquiao footage, they believe they've patterned Manny's feints and attacks, and can duplicate the punch.

"I practiced the punch Marquez landed on Pacquiao. When Manny goes in, he goes in head first, and that's why Marquez landed. I practiced that punch a lot along with other things."

Re-enacting that punch will prove extremely difficult for Rios because the eight division champion is elusive, agile, and has great footwork. Marquez's ability to successfully land the punch is greatly attributed to his ring experience with Manny and the fact he's a pure counter-puncher with 20 years in the pro fight game. 

Can Brandon Rios land that one magic punch?


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