Manny Pacquiao ready to KO Tim Bradley

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In the days preceding his highly anticipated rematch with WBO Welterweight Champion Tim Bradley, the Pacman has been working alongside Ray Beltran, Miguel Cotto, and Ruslan Provodnikov with trainer Freddie Roach at the Top Rank Gym in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hall of Fame trainer expounds on Manny's preparation and strategy leading into this Saturday night's main event.

"For this fight, I've been pushing Manny and preparing him to work for all three minutes of every round," explains Freddie Roach. "I really think that if Manny works consistently throughout the entire round and pushes Bradley, making him work for every minute, I think we can stop him on Saturday night."

The heralded fight coach wants Pacquiao to give the current title holder a "Siberian Rocky" style mauling on April 12th.

"Against Provodnikov, Tim fought concussed for nine rounds and really took a beating. I really want Manny to remind of that fight. I want him to be aggressive while landing in combination. My fighter still has really fast hands and super quick feet. He's a super athlete, and still has a lot more than Tim Bradley has...I just want him to show it on Saturday night."

Roach feels very confident about Pacquiao's chances in scoring the decisive knock-out tomorrow night, because of something his fighter told him while training at the Top Rank Gym earlier this week.

"While we were doing pad work, Manny told me that he's going to sit down on his shots and really go for the knock-out in this fight. When I hear him talk like that, I love it. This is what I've wanted to hear out of Manny for a while now. I really think the fans are going to love his performance on Saturday night, because I truly believe that he's back. Manny really wants the knock-out on this fight."

When asked if there was any distraction for Manny, working at the same time with the other star fighters in Freddie's current stable, the Wildcard Gym leader admitted to the contrary.

"This is probably the most talented stable of fighters I've ever had at one time," revealed the dedicated fight mentor. "I'm currently preparing Zou Shiming, Miguel Cotto, and Ruslan Provodnikov for fights, but it's great because they all help each other and really like one another."

"This has been one of his best camps in a while, so look for the ferocious Manny on Saturday night!"


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