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Manny Pacquiao: Should PacMan avoid young lion, Terence Crawford?

Joseph Herron Updated
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It's difficult being Freddie Roach sometimes.

Before this past Saturday night's unification contest between Terence Crawford and the seven-time trainer of the year's former champion, Viktor Postol, the Hall of Fame coach talked about favoring the bout's eventual winner for Manny Pacquiao's next assignment, scheduled for November 5.

"My favorite fight for Manny is Terence Crawford," Freddie Roach told HoopJab in April. "Manny's best fighting weight is at 140 pounds, and I think that's a great fight for us."

When asked how he felt about the match-up after seeing the 28 year old undefeated, pound-for-pound fighter up close from ringside, the 56 year old boxing coach seemed a bit less decisive.

"I haven't had time to think about that, because Manny's in retirement right now and working in the Senate," stated Freddie Roach immediately following Postol's loss to Crawford. "But I'm not sure what's next for Manny yet. We'll see...I don't know."

After providing commentary for HBO Sports throughout the event on Saturday night, Roy Jones shared his thoughts with ESNews about the Pacman's current dilemma in selecting his next opponent.

"If Manny still wants to fight the best at this stage of his career, then Crawford is the fight. There's no one better at 140 pounds right now," stated the living fight legend. "But that's if he still wants to fight the best. If he just wants to face a good fighter and retire, then he should leave Terence Crawford alone."

"Manny has nothing left to prove to Crawford or anyone. So if he just wants to have another good PPV event and call it a day, then leave Terence Crawford alone."

When asked whether or not he thought it was a good idea to take on the "switch-hitting" enigma from Omaha, Roy was very forthcoming with his opinion.

"I don't think he should," said Jones. "I don't want to see Manny have to try and figure out that puzzle. Find someone else who is closer to your level right now. Don't fight a hungry young lion like this, who has everything to gain and nothing to lose. That's a crazy fight for Pacquiao."

While most believe a Pacquiao/Crawford pairing is a necessary step in escalating TC's popularity to a mainstream level, the 47 year old fighter feels the progression will inevitably happen with or without a fight with the eight division world champion.

"This kid is eventually going to do it on his own. He's already one of the top three or four pound for pound fighters of the world, and switches from orthodox to southpaw better than anyone in the game. It's only a matter of time before everyone knows who Terence Crawford is."

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