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Manny Pacquiao or Juan Manuel Marquez: Who punches harder?

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December 8, marked the two year anniversary of the “shot heard round the world”.

The surreal vision of the Pacman, lying motionless on the canvas floor in 2012, rocked the entire boxing world and sent a ripple effect throughout the fight community that is still being felt among chat rooms and forums today.

Was the sixth round knock-out a product of the seemingly “Hulkish” power of the Mexican fight icon, or was Pacquiao merely caught with a perfectly timed shot to the jaw? And did the result of the fourth meeting prove once and for all who is the harder puncher of the two?

The four fight battle between the two boxing legends raises a very intriguing question: Which future Hall of Fame fighter, Juan Manuel Marquez or Manny Pacquiao, possesses the harder punch?

The only active fighter to hold a victory over both men, former two division world champion Timothy Bradley, recently attempted to answer the perplexing inquiry.

“That’s tough. It’s a different type of punch,” stated the fighter most affectionately known as “Desert Storm” in the attached video interview with ES News. “Pacquiao has a lot more snap on his shots, and he puts his punches together very well. That‘s what dazes you.”


According the elite level Welterweight, Pacquiao hurts his opponents with a brutal combination of speed and power. Marquez on the other hand, seems to apply more blunt force trauma with each thudding blow.

“Marquez’s shots are heavier, with more thudding power,” insists the 31 year old fighter. “He’s a tremendous puncher. He hit me with a couple of uppercuts in the first round of our fight, and I was like…wow…okay, this guy is the real deal.”

Although Bradley shows great humility and objectivity in his analysis of the two great fighters' respective brand of power, the response doesn’t really provide a clear answer to the question.

Which fighter’s punches are the most damaging, Pacquiao or Marquez?

“I don’t know,” admits Tim Bradley. “It’s just a different type of punch. You have more snap and quickness from Pacquiao, and you have more of a thudding blow from Marquez.”

“I would say that they’re kind of even. They both can punch.”

Tim Bradley makes his long awaited return to the ring this Saturday night against skilled but underrated former title holder Diego Chaves in the main event of the evening on HBO World Championship Boxing.

So is the former WBO champ finished with both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez?

“Who knows,” stated the Top Rank fighter. “I’m ready to step in the ring with anyone. I’ll fight Klitschko if the money’s right. I just want to fight.”


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