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Manny Pacquiao: Next fight favorite should be...

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Following his awesome win over Keith Thurman, who will fight legend and newly crowned WBA Welterweight Champion Manny Pacquiao fight next?

Names being bantered the most are Errol Spence, Terrence Crawford and Floyd Mayweather. But it's likely PacMan won't face any of the above next.


Unless he's promised a zillion dollars, Floyd isn't budging. He's filthy rich, 42 and wants to protect that "O." And given there's little public demand for that fight, a rematch won't be lucrative enough to lure Money May back into the ring. Sure, he'll fight an over-matched Japanese kickboxing champion for $10 Million but not Manny Pacquiao nor anyone else who posses a threat.

“Floyd has no interest [in fighting Manny again],” said Mayweather Promotions CEO and Floyd's close friend, Leonard Ellerbe via BoxingScene.com. “He has zero interest. He’s been doing this all his life. And after a while, you get burned out. He’s given the sport everything."

As for Spence and Crawford, it's also all about risk vs reward. They are two, young freakishly skilled champions in their prime and too risky for the reward. If Manny Pacquiao could pocket $25 or $30 Million for fighting either of them, it might be worth it.

Manny earned a purported $10 Million for facing Keith Thurman, and fights with Crawford or Spence would garmer more revenue but not enough to make it worthwhile.

“I would have to think twice about him fighting Errol Spence,” Manny's trainer, Freddie Roach, told Forbes last month. “But will I say no? No, I won’t.”

I wouldn’t do it,” said Ellerbe via BoxingScene.com on the prospects for Pacquiao vs Spence. “... Spence is a huge welterweight, who’s in his prime, different kind of skill set, can punch with either hand. But Manny Pacquiao’s the kind of dude, he want that work. You’ve got to reel him back. … I would say no, don’t do that. That’s me, because I care about the guy. That’s a rough fight.”

Indeed. If Manny can't get crazy money for facing Spence - and he probably wouldn't at this point - he's better off fighting someone else.

Here are the Manny Pacquiao 'Next Fight' odds that were released by BetOnline, per Forbes.

Errol Spence Jr 2/3
Amir Khan 5/2
Shawn Porter 3/1
Terence Crawford 5/1
Mikey Garcia 12/1
Floyd Mayweather 20/1
Keith Thurman 20/1
Adrien Broner 80/1
Conor McGregor 100/1

So, is anyone missing from that list?

According to Team Pacquiao's advisor, Sean Gibbons, there are two.

Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia,” Gibbons told BadLeftHook.com.

And those names, especially Danny's, should be atop the list. In fact, Danny Garcia should be the favorite of them all.

(Image courtesy of Box.Live)



Like Pacquiao, Garcia is managed by Al Haymon and is part of Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) so that bout would be easy to make. Also, Garcia's style is more amenable to Manny's. He's a good fighter and former two-division champion but doesn't have the speed or explosiveness of Spence or Crawford. Also, Danny is the WBA's No.2 rated contender and is relatively popular and has a fan base.

While Pacquiao could get more money facing Crawford or Spence, the risk vs reward scenario is better with Garcia.

If Pacquiao doesn't fight Danny Garcia next look for him to face Mikey Garcia, another PBC fighter. Let's not forget Pacquiao attended Spence vs Mikey Garcia in March and likely noticed the latter, arguably a top 10 pound-for-pound boxer, wasn't quite the same fighter as a welterweight.

Look for Pacquiao vs Garcia next... Danny or Mikey.


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