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Manny Pacquiao: Like Evander Holyfield, healed by divine intervention?

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On August 12, it was reported by the Philippine Star that popular Congressman and ring legend Manny Pacquiao not only fully recovered from a torn rotator cuff, but miraculously rehabilitated his surgically repaired shoulder by an unlikely combination of divine intervention and therapeutic ocean water.

“No problem,” replied Manny Pacquiao to PhilStar.com while attending the 2015 FIBA World Cup bidding event in Tokyo, Japan. 

“I’m fine. It’s God’s work. I never saw a doctor (during the recommended rehabilitation period). I never did rehab."

"All I did was to swim in the sea as often as I could. The salt water healed my wound.”

"Thanks be to God," responded Pacquiao fans around the world…all at once.

Although the Pacman is the only eight division world champion the sport of boxing has ever seen, Manny isn’t the only prizefighter of recent memory to make the claim of an improbable healing miracle by the hand of the Lord almighty.

In April of 1994, four-time Heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield suffered a serious, life-threatening injury during an unsuccessful defense against Heavyweight southpaw Michael Moorer, in which “The Real Deal” experienced virtual heart failure.

Holyfield suffered from what is characterized as a noncompliant left ventricle, which meant Evander’s heart wasn’t filling up with the normal amount of blood, and ultimately deprived the body of oxygen and caused the four-time champion severe fatigue throughout all twelve rounds of action.

The proud, self-proclaimed “Warrior for the Lord” subsequently announced his premature retirement from the sport days after he was diagnosed with the failing heart condition, and wasn’t expected to return to the ring.

Guided by faith, the 31 year old prizefighter sought the help of renowned television evangelist and healer, Benny Hinn, two months later…hoping for a miracle.

In front of 9,000 observers, Hinn “smacked” the granite chinned pugilist, sending him to the floor of the packed Civic Center in Philadelphia, PA.

After the service, Holyfield stated that he felt a “warm feeling” in his chest area, and he genuinely believed his heart had been healed by the “grace of God”.

Upon feeling rejuvenated and reborn, the devout Christian decided to step back in the ring in 1995, and wreaked havoc upon the talent enriched Heavyweight division for the remainder of the decade. In what is largely considered to be Evander’s second fighting prime, the American born fighter defeated Ray Mercer, Bobby Czyz, Mike Tyson twice, Michael Moorer in an eventual rematch and Vaughn Bean before losing a decision to Lennox Lewis in November of 1999.

(Golovkin vs Lemieux | News)

After suffering a disappointing loss to longtime verbal nemesis Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2, can Manny Pacquiao replicate Evander Holyfield’s ring success, following a miraculous faith healing, and dominate a talent enriched 147 pound weight division in his mid to late 30’s?

Only God knows what the future holds for Congressman Pacquiao.

(Cotto vs Canelo | News)


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