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Manny Pacquiao: Is There Any Evidence to Suggest PacMan is Finished?

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Is Manny Pacquiao finished? Some assert that Pacquiao lying face down on the canvas last December was evidence enough while others point to the fact he's lost two in a row.

But his 
loss to Timothy Bradley was certainly controversial as many boxing experts, including myself, awarded Bradley only three rounds.

The Pacquiao haters and advocates for the decision insist gullible fans were influenced by the seemingly pro Pacquiao HBO commentary. However, many fans watch boxing with the volume on mute for that very reason.

According to CompuBox PunchStats, Pacquiao outlanded Bradley in overall punches 253-139 and had a 190-108 edge in power shots landed. Manny also outlanded Bradley in 10 of 12 rounds.


Most, including me, don't consider that fight a true Pacquiao loss - So on that basis, and in the minds of many, he hasn't lost two fights in a row.

But unlike the Bradley bout, Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 six months later left no doubt. 

However, many don't take into consideration Manny was dominating the bout prior to Marquez's one-punch 'hail mary' that was well-timed and very accurate.  Well-known for his brawling style, Manny Pacquiao had always struggled a bit in three previous encounters against the highly technical Marquez.

And in the aforementioned superfight, Pacquiao, according to CompuBox, landed 94 of 256 punches while Marquez landed only 52 of 246.

In his hay day, no one could stand toe to toe with him and win. 

If Pacquiao truly is finished, we will know in his next fight. He faces a dangerous brawler in Brandon Rios who will stand in front of Pacquiao and trade. The aggressive Rios seems perfectly suited for Pacquiao's style.  Don't expect him to be on the balls of feet and dancing come November, Rios likes to stand in the middle of the ring and trade.

If Manny loses to Rios he will have truly been beaten at his own game.

Regardless of the two loses in 2012, facts and stats do not support the theory that Manny Pacquiao is a washed up fighter - But my gut tells me he has declined.

He will probably beat Rios and do it convincingly.

He's not washed-up but perhaps his "dominance" has faded.


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