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Manny Pacquiao: Former coach says PacMan has 'lost that allure'

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With rumors currently circulating throughout the boxing community of a PacMan return on November 5, controversial strength and conditioning expert Alex Ariza shared his thoughts on the prospect of Manny taking on current WBO Welterweight champion Jessie Vargas.

"Nothing against Jessie Vargas, but I don't really care for it," stated Pacquiao's former S&C coach to ESNews.

Because the Philippines Senator's brand has dramatically declined in popularity since dropping a unanimous decision to Floyd Mayweather Jr., the fitness guru believes Pacquiao needs a much stronger B-side to break a million PPV purchases once again.

"I get it. Bob (Arum) has to launch his fighter's career. But Bob is throwing Manny away essentially. I don't really care for it (Pacquiao vs. Vargas). There are other fighters out there…Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter…even Amir Khan would generate more interest."

The often outspoken boxing personality admits that he genuinely feels bad about the way Manny Pacquiao's is winding down.

"It's sad for me," admits Ariza. "You look at the fighter Manny was…he was the most exciting fighter to watch. He would get 1.2 or 1.3 million PPV sales on a regular basis. The entire country of the Philippines used to shut down when he fought."

"Not anymore. Manny's lost that allure.

"You look at the last numbers he did with Tim Bradley. They weren't the greatest, and Tim is more well-known than Vargas."

Although the press machine at Home Box Office never publicly released the numbers for Pacquiao's more recent PPV effort with Tim Bradley, Top Rank CEO Bob Arum stated the figures were very disappointing, offering an estimate between 400 and 500K purchases. And while Arum, head trainer Freddie Roach, as well as longtime adviser Michael Koncz have all recently talked about Pacquiao's "scheduled" comeback, which would take place in just three months, Ariza states none of the aforementioned figures have actually spoken to Manny about a potential fight.

"Bob Arum hasn't spoken to Manny since the Bradley fight," claims the strength and conditioning adviser for The Money Team. "Freddie hasn't spoken to Manny…Koncz hasn't spoken to him either. I've spoken to Manny though, and the reality is that Pacquiao wants and is currently looking for another fight with Floyd Mayweather."

"I told Manny, 'If you want to fight Floyd Mayweather, the best thing to do is call him up and talk to him man to man.' That's what he needs to do." When asked by ESNews if a rematch between the Pacman and Floyd Jr. happens for Mayweather's historic 50th professional fight, Ariza didn't pretend to have the answer.

"That's a good question, and it's entirely between Pacquiao and Mayweather."  


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