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Manny Pacquiao conceded to every pre-fight stipulation to get Mayweather in the ring

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After a grueling negotiation process, which technically lasted almost six years, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao will finally lock horns in the squared circle on May 2nd, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vegas or bust
Although the CEO of Top Rank, Inc, Bob Arum, originally wanted to stick the historic fight in AT&T Stadium of Arlington, Texas, for an astounding guaranteed site fee of $25 million, Floyd and company was adamant on getting their way in staging the mega-fight at Mayweather’s customary battleground of the Grand Garden Arena in “Lost Wages” Nevada.

The concession of venue was only one of several allowances made by Team Pacquiao to ultimately ensure a fruitful fight deal. Mayweather reportedly received the A-side treatment on every negotiable item, from the ring entrance to being the lead promoter of the event.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao purses
According to many parties involved in the negotiation process, Mayweather is set to receive the lion’s share of the purse, which will be incentive based for this event. Instead of Mayweather’s traditional pre-fight guarantee, his pay scale will be determined by the PPV’s eventual performance.


Floyd is slated to receive 60% of an undisclosed portion of the gross proceeds, while Manny will pick up a healthy 40% of the progressive amount.


Mayweather's name first 
Also, Floyd was insistent on having his moniker listed first on all promotional items…in other words, all marquees, fight posters, etc, will read as “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao”. Although Floyd was dead set on being listed first on the MGM Grand banner, the pound for pound king was equally determined to be announced last by the MC of the event, and will be making his ring entrance after the eight division world champion enters the squared circle first.

The last word
And further to the dismay of Arum, the highest paid athlete in the world was also unyielding in his desire to be lead promoter of the historic event. Although Mayweather Promotions has never staged an event of this enormity, The Money Team will have the final say in all event planning.

No tour
According to the Top Rank CEO, the two fighters won’t be headlining a multi-city promotional tour in support of this endeavor. Instead, both competing fighters will partake in a single Los Angeles press conference before they begin training for eight consecutive weeks in Las Vegas and LA respectively.


Despite pretty much conceding to each and every pre-fight demand of Floyd Mayweather Jr., the eight division world champion was indeed successful in obtaining the most crucial part of the accord…getting Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring on May 2nd.


The fans will undoubtedly be the true beneficiaries of this fight deal in just two short months.


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