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Manny Pacquiao broke? Floyd Mayweather implies poor decision-making

Joseph Herron Updated
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Now that Manny Pacquiao has retracted his decision to retire from the sport of boxing, longtime nemesis and current promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. was asked about the Pacman's motivation to continue fighting at age 37.

Even after earning a reported $150 million in 2015, Floyd genuinely believes that boxing is still more than just a labor of love for Manny. Mayweather provides a theory as to why the Philippines Senator continues to seemingly fight for money over legacy.

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"Your team," Floyd Mayweather stated to ESNews this past weekend. "It's all about who you surround yourself with. Who is his promoter? It's all about surrounding yourself with the right people and making smart investments."

Although it's been highly publicized that Manny pulled in well over seven figures for his efforts opposite Floyd on May 2nd, 2015, the self proclaimed "TBE" believes the Pacman actually pocketed much less.

According to someone very familiar with both Manny Pacquiao and FloydMayweather, Manny took home a fraction of the perceived amount supposedly earned for his bout with Floyd.

"I know he didn't make $150 million," strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza stated to ESNews a few weeks ago. "I saw Manny's check. He didn't make $150 million…I know he didn't make that much. When I say I saw the check, I literally saw Manny's check. He made maybe a tenth of that. Floyd was shocked at what he got."

"Money" May believes the Filipino icon should have decided to leave veteran promoter Bob Arum a long time ago and become an independent contractor within the business.

"I gave him the option before when I talked to him about fighting the first time," stated Mayweather, concerning a phone conversation with the Pacman in 2012.

"I think I offered him $40 million at that time? I told him I would wire him $20 million within 48 hours. At that particular time he said he wanted 50/50, and he got off the phone."

"And at that time, I think I was only going to make around $75 million for that fight," says Floyd, implying that Pacquiao eventually pocketed less than his original offer, while actually attracting a much higher gross amount in May of 2015. "In just two fights with Canelo and Pacquiao, I think I made somewhere around $400 million."

The soon-to-be 40 year old promoter claims that situations like Pacquiao's serve as motivation in working to become the best promoter in boxing.

"That's the biggest problem in the sport today. We really shouldn't criticize these fighters. We should be criticizing the people surrounding them, who are taking from these young fighters. As a promoter, the ultimate goal is to get every fighter to their highest plateau that they can possibly get to and have them make the most amount of money possible, leaving them with something left after they retire."

"I genuinely care about these fighters. The fighters are going out there taking all of the chances...broken ribs, bloody noses, cut eyes. The fighters have to go through this. There's no reason why everyone around the fighter should be living well, while the fighter isn't."



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