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Manny Pacquiao: Should new PBA role concern PacMan's fans?

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Boxing megastar and congressman Manny Pacquiao has decided to wear yet another hat, recently becoming a player/coach for team Kia Sorento in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).   

Add that role to his already long list of others, including boxer, a politician, businessman, entertainer and product endorser.

Manny Pacquiao wears many hats.

His decision to enter the world of professional basketball as a player/coach has received a lot of press and generated rumors along the way, eliciting positive and negative reactions.

Will his new role negatively impact Manny's performance in the ring?

Of course, the same question was asked when Manny agreed to endorse products and act and sing.

Many feared showbiz would distract the 8 division world champion but Pacquiao knew what he was doing. Manny Pacquiao embraced his career in showbiz, appearing in movies while launching a brief singing career.

He silenced his detractors by continuing to rack-up victories.

When, in 2007, Pacquiao decided to entire politics to adavance humanitarian causes, the well-wishers and naysayers were vocal, expressing support and warnings, respectively. But Pacquiao is his own man. He listens to advice but captains his own ship, doing what he believes is best for his family and career.

Although he lost in his first attempt to win the congressional seat for General Santos City in South Cotabato, Philippines, he was successful in 2010, winning a congressional seat to represent the province of Sarangani.

He is now serving his 2nd term having won his re-election bid in 2013.

If Pacquiao is taking his new role as a professional player/coach seriously, the endeavor will likely be demanding and may consume more time than expected.

Coaching a pro team in the PBA is a serious vocation. Each team plays at least twice per week and Manny is responsible for managing, training and mentoring the players as well as guiding the team's overall play.

Can Pacquiao effectively wear so many hats?

It was reported that he failed to attend 39 session days during the first regular sessions of the 16th Congress. If he could not perform his duties there due to his busy schedule, how will he be able to be effective as coach?

And if he chooses to prioritize his role as playing-coach in the PBA what will happen to his duties as Congressman?

But the more serious question is.... How will it impact his boxing career?

Pacquiao has fought eight times since becoming a lawmaker in 2010, winning five via unanimous decision and one majority decision. And he's lost twice, dropping a controversial split decision to Timothy Bradley before suffering a knock out defeat at the hands of his archnemesis Juan Manuel Marquez.

But even in victory, the 'Pride of the Philippines' has failed to impress in his bouts since serving as a lawmaker. In his four fights prior to winning a congressional seat, he was mighty to say the least. He had TKO’d Miguel Cotto, David Diaz, Oscar Dela Hoya and knocked out Ricky Hatton.

Is it coincidence that he has not been performing as well in the boxing ring since becoming a Member of the House of Representatives?

Or is it because he could not carry his vaunted power into the welterweight ranks where the combatants are naturally bigger?

Or, perhaps, Father Time is catching up with him?

Will his decision to join the PBA potentially serve as another distraction for the upcoming Algieri fight and subsequent bouts.


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