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Manny Pacquiao and Team: “Alex Ariza is a toolbox”

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Last week, controversial strength and conditioning expert Alex Ariza told FightHype.com that his former client, eight division world titlist Manny Pacquiao, is currently a mere shell of his former self.

“For me, the guy that I trained five years ago, the guy that was walking through walls and that was literally breaking bones with shots, and comatizing people with single shots, the opponent that we have now is a shell of that guy,” stated Alex Ariza.

A crucial member of the Pacman’s current squad genuinely took exception to Ariza’s statement.

“The more talk he hears, the more pissed off Manny gets,” asserts Pacquiao’s active S&C Coach Justin Fortune. “The more angry Manny becomes, he takes it out on whoever’s in the ring. He definitely still has that killer instinct. This is a huge fight.”

The 49 year old coach admittedly possesses an authentic disdain for the former Pacquiao team member…largely because of the events which transpired in Macau, China, during November of 2013, when Ariza kicked friend and colleague Freddie Roach.

“Let me see him try and front kick me to the f***ing chest, and see what happens…spineless b*stard,” affirms the former Heavyweight fighter.

“How can you do that to an old guy like Freddie who has Parkinson’s? And the worst part was when Freddie came forward, he backed off like a little b***h! Because he knows that if Freddie hits him, he’ll knock him the f*** out!”

“Alex Ariza is a toolbox. He’s still using my practices from seven years ago. "


This guy is no f***ing genius, that’s for sure.”

The Australian native doesn’t believe Ariza adds anything positive to Floyd Mayweather’s preparation for the big May 2 showdown with Manny Pacquiao.

“Floyd’s 46-0...what’s Alex Ariza going to show him that his father and uncle haven’t already shown him? What is he going to show him that Floyd doesn’t already know at this stage in his career?”

Fortune also claims that Manny is in very good spirits while in camp. The knowledgeable trainer believes things always run smoothly when there isn’t a “poisonous pill” at the Wildcard Gym.

“Manny is happy. He has his old team back together…back when he was knocking people out left, right, and center. There’s no animosity in camp…there’s no cancer in the crew. And when you have a happy athlete, they perform at 110%. And that’s Pacquiao right now.”

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