Lucas Browne punches harder than Mike Tyson?

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In a battle of top-level heavyweight contenders, Lucas Browne (25-0, 22 KO) of Australia wll face Dillian Whyte (22-1, 16 KO) of England on Saturday.

But, despite his unbeaten record and an 88 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio, Browne is a solid underdog. Nevertheless, the Aussie remains unphased because he believes in his punching power.

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So while consensus heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is 20-0, 20 KO and boasts a 100 percent knockouts-to-fights ratio, Browne insists he, and not Joshua, is the hardest puncher in the world.

“My ex-trainer Jeff Fenech also held pads for Mike Tyson,’’ Browne told the British press. “Granted, I am no Mike Tyson. But he says I hit harder than Mike Tyson. That’s more than Joshua, for sure.”

Ok Lucas, let's keep things in perspective...

1) A trainer will tell his fighter anything to motivate him and

2) Fenech trained Tyson for the latter's final bout in which Mike, who lost that fight, was a shell of his former self.

Even if Fenech was being truthful, his observations were based on a "flawed" truth at best.

That stated, Lucas Browne boasts serious punching power.

He might not have the explosiveness of Tyson or Joshua, but he's naturally heavy-handed and is highly dangerous every minute of every second of every round.

In 2016, Browne, far behind on points, viciously knocked out former heavyweight belt holder Ruslan Chagaev in Round 10.

Chagaev had floored Browne in the sixth round but appeared to punch himself out in the seventh, looking to close the show. Ruslan, unable to follow-up on his earlier accomplishment, badly tired and was brutally KO'd himself by the hard-punching Aussie in the tenth.

But aside from Chagaev, who was by most accounts in semi-retirement anyway, Browne hasn't exactly fought a "who's who" of opponents. He has headline wins over the then-surging Andriy Rudenko (then 24-0) and a 45-year-old, well-past his prime fight legend in James Toney (then 74-7-3).

...And both opponents took Browne the distance.

Whyte vs Browne
Lucas won't outbox Whyte on Saturday night. It's not going to happen. And a decision win for the Aussie, even if he's rewarded a knockdown or two, would be remote.

Look for Browne to try to force Whyte to make defensive mistakes. If Dillian succumbs to the lure of a brawl, is successfully baited into a trap or tires badly, Browne's chances of winning increase exponentially because of the power he possesses.


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