Lomachenko vs Walters purses: What changed?

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Vasyl Lomachenko, arguably one of the world's best fighters pound for pound, will face Nicholas Walters Saturday night.

Lomachenko vs Walters will be broadcast live on HBO and the former's WBO super featherweight title will be at stake.

This fight was first offered to Walters last March but Nicholas reportedly turned it down because the proposed purse of $500,000, which would have been a career high, was not enough.

Lomachenko was set to earn $850,000.

"Lomachenko is one of the better opponents that we're gonna fight," Walters told RingTV.com last Spring. "We asked for a certain amount; they said no."

"They said only $550,000 was available for the fight and I think fighting Lomachenko for $550,000 with the tax we're gonna pay to the government and everybody, we actually go home with nothing."

"We took the decision; we're not gonna fight for $550,000."

Walters is believed to have wanted in the $1 million range, and who could blame him?

Lomachenko is a high-risk opponent and Walters doesn't want to lose that "0" without getting paid well. Moreover, Walters would enter as the B-side and the challenger, so the onus would be on him to defeat Lomachenko, not vice versa.

Walters hinted if the fight were anywhere near close, Vasyl would get the nod. And he's probably right. He will probably need to knockout Lomachenko to win.

"You know what the odds are fighting a fighter like Lomachenko. You're not going to beat him on a decision; you got to knock him out. I fought (Jason) Sosa and I beat him clearly and they called it a draw."

"What do you think if it was Lomachenko?"

Lomachenko vs Walters purses (purported)

Unfortunately for Nicholas Walters, his purse will be substantially less than the purse he refused in March.

  • Lomachenko $1 Million (Guaranteed)
  • Walters $300,000 (Guaranteed)


So what changed?

Lomachenko increased his stock by viciously knocking out Rocky Martinez in June, winning his second world title in just seven pro fights. That bout was televised on HBO as was the main event.

Moreover, it produced arguably the 2016 Knockout of the Year to date.

Walters, on the otherhand, hasn't fought since December, drawing with Jason Sosa.

In his most recent bout against Rocky Martinez, Lomachenko earned $850K and the latter $425K.


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