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Kubrat Pulev suffered concussion but not seriously hurt

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Hours after being knocked out in Round 5 by heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, top-level contender Kubrat Pulev was taken to the hospital.

According to reports, the Bulgarian tough guy suffered no serious injuries and may already be in Bulgaria, his homeland, as this is being reported.

“We were at the hospital until 2.30 [A.M] There is nothing broken, the CT (computed tomography) was unremarkable."

"No bleeding in the brain, only a slight concussion,” Chris Meyer of Sauerland told German newspaper BILD.

During Saturday's fight, Pulev was down twice in round one and once in round three, and was flattened in round five. But despite losing every round on the scorecards, Pulev was resilient and managed to land a few impressive shots on the champion.

"Wladimir is a really good opponent but he was lucky. I want a rematch," the defiant Bulgarian stated afterwards.

All three judges had the fight scored 40-33 for Klitschko at the time of the knockout.

A concussion is a traumatic but often temporary brain injury that alters the way your brain functions. 

Particularly common in contact sports such as (American) football and boxing, every concussion injures your brain to a certain degree and anyone who suffers such an injury needs time and rest to heal properly.

Most concussive traumatic brain injuries are mild, and people usually recover fully.


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