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Klitschko vs Povetkin Results: Wladimir retains title

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Today, Wladimir Klitschko faced Russian Alexander Povetkin in Moscow, Russia in a packed house and successfully defended his many titles and status as the lineal heavyweight champion. All 3 judges scored it 119-104.

Klitchko vs Povetkin wasn't the most fan-friendly bout as it featured a lot of clinching. 

Too much holding from the champ but the referee allowed it.

Klitschko landed a hard left hook at the end of Round 1 that may have rattled Povetkin but the champion still appeared uncomfortable as Povetkin came in brawling from the beginning.

Povetkin was floored for the first time in his career, amateur or pro, by a short hook in Round 2. Although the Russian didn't appear hurt, it was enough to win Klitschko the round in a stanza Povetkin appeared to be carrying.

The action was the same thru Rounds 3 to 5 as Povetkin attempted to bully his way inside while Klitschko jabbed from the outside and leaned on his opponent's neck at close quarters.

Punch, clinch and hold... punch, clinch and hold. It was an unsavory bout that featured as much grappling as punching.

In Round 7, Povetkin suffered three knockouts. Two of the knockdowns could have been ruled a push due to all of the mauling; nonetheless, Povetkin was punched and went down.

After the round, CompuBox numbers showed Klitschko had not landed a body shot in the fight.

Round 8 was not unlike stanzas 3-6 as Klitschko increased the distance and started landing stinging jabs. Wladimir landed a hard left hook and then pushed his foe to the canvas yet again.

This time, it wasn't ruled a knockdown.

In Round 11, Klitschko hurt Povetkin with a hard combo, stopping the Russian in his tracks. But Povetkin showed a great chin and kept coming. Later in the round, Klitschko landed a shot and violently pushed Povetkin to the canvas again and was deducted a point as a result.

Showing great strength, Klitschko hurled Alex to the canvas again in an uneventful Round 12 but no additional points were taken away.

Wlad outlanded Alex 52 to 35 in powershots and easily outpointed the Russian in jabs.

HBO's Harold Lederman scored it 119-104.

Klitschko improved to 61-3, 51 KOs while the previously unbeaten Alexander Povetkin dropped to 26-1, 18 KOs.



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