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Klitschko vs Leapai presser: Wild man Shannon Briggs unleashes second outburst (VIDEO)

Lee Cleveland Updated
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For no apparent reason, Shannon Briggs went 'mad' upon spotting Wladimir Klitschko.... again. ... Or was there an underlying reason?

Moments after registering his second knockout in as many weeks, Briggs promised to hunt down Klitschko in Germany.

"I'm going to Germany tomorrow to chase down Wladimir Klitschko," Briggs said after Saturday's bout.

And he wasn't kidding.

Earlier today, at a Klitschko vs Leapai presser, a wild, wide-eyed, shirt-less Shannon Briggs demanded a fight with Klitschko.

In a scene somewhat resembling the dedication of Rocky's statue in Rocky III, Clubber Lang... err.. Shannon Briggs referred to the challenger, Alex Leapai, as a 'bum,' and had to be restrained by security while presenting his case for a title shot to the media.

In Rocky III, however, Clubber had earned his spot as the number one contender by slicing and dicing top opponents in bloodcurdling fashion. Briggs on the other hand...  Well, it's not quite the same.

Is Briggs looking to talk -or act - his way to a title shot?

Wlad, who appeared unphased, stated, "I have never had to hold back my opponent at a press conference before."

Today's outburst marked the second time in four weeks Briggs made a scene in front of Wlad.

A former WBC Heavyweight Champion, Briggs apparently wants to face the lineal heavyweight champion sometime soon and is perhaps hoping his outbursts will create the groundswell for any subsequent public demand for Klitschko vs Briggs.

Will his zany antics earn the 42 year old Miami pugilist one more title shot?

Anything is possible.
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