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Klitschko vs Chisora: Vitali Outboxes Gritty Foe

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Vitali Klitschko retained his WBC World Heavyweight title in Munich, Germany tonight with a unanimous points victory over Britain's Dereck Chisora.

The judges found for the Ukrainian, Vitali Klitschko, 118-110, 118-110 and 119-111. Dereck Chisora put in a brave and competent performance, fighting on the front foot for the most part, but the champion was never seriously troubled. It must be said however, that Vitali Klitschko (42-2, 40 KO) didn't trouble the Londoner to any great extent either and both men emerge with reputations in tact.

The ring entrances were protracted, as expected, the Londoner confronting the Ukrainian as he entered the ring. Michael Buffer finally brought the formalities to a close.

The opening round saw Dereck Chisora (15-3, 9 KO) coming forward trying to get close, ducking away from the big overhand right from the champion. The challenger claimed centre-ring and the pair exchanged blows in the opening minute. Klitschko showed some neat combinations on the back foot, most of which were answered by Chisora. The jab proved fairly ineffective for the champion in the opener but he landed enough right hands to take the round.

Pictured: WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko talks to the media

The second round began with Chisora again on the attack, Vitali Klitschko was content to flick out the jab, this time more effectively than in the first. Chisora started to take shots on the way in, Vitali seemingly unable to miss Chisora with the right hand as the challenger pushed forward, the champion claiming the second round.

The third saw more combinations from Vitali Klitschko, the bigger man making his reach and strength advantage count. Chisora marauded forwards with little respect for the power of the champion, eating right hands as he moved in. As the round drew to a close Chisora launched a wild looking combination that didn't connect and Klitschko again did enough to take the round.

Dereck Chisora still had centre-ring as the fourth got underway, the Ukrainian circling to his right. Chisora received a gentle warning for use of the head. The challenger pushed forwards, bobbing and weaving but not throwing much until he threw a wild swinging shot, most likely through frustration. Another wild shot from Chisora had Klitschko countering successfully as the Londoner was temporarily off balance. The champion landed a couple of rights towards the end of the round and was now four rounds up.

The Brit burrowed forwards at the start of the fifth, covering up and lodging a high guard to deflect the counters from the champion. A huge uppercut from the Ukrainian didn't connect and the Londoner continued to push forwards, putting the champion under pressure. Chisora caught Klitschko round the back of the head, the first sign of any foul play in the fight. The challenger desperately tried to close down the space and move into range. Chisora landed body shots at the close and perhaps scored his first round of the fight.

The sixth saw Chisora ducking away from the right hand again and having some success with the combinations, landing shots to the body. A Klitschko combination was met with resistance and the challenger appeared to be growing in confidence. Towards the end of the round Chisora landed a variety of shots in close and again looked to take the round.

The seventh had Vitali Klitschko on the back foot but trading with the Londoner who was showing no signs of distress. The crowd roared their approval of any halfway decent attack from the champion. The middle of the round saw a hiatus with neither man doing much before Klitschko upped the work rate, the pair trading right hands and the Ukranian taking the round.

The eighth round opened with Vitali on the attack, the referee breaking up scrappy action. Chisora poured forward landing a good combination with a big left to finish, answering everything coming from Klitschko. The Ukranian appeared to be showing the first real signs of tiredness but probably did enough to win the round.

With four remaining Chisora's corner sent him out with a slap on the chin as if to instill some extra urgency, sensing their man was in the fight but needed to do more. Chisora was the aggressor, stalking his opponent who was content to flick out effective but by no means hurtful punches. Klitschko landed some attractive looking combinations to catch the eye of the judges but Chisora continued to walk through them. The Londoner was still up on his toes, dancing around the more flat footed and static champion. Klitschko landed jabs and right hands towards the end of the round.

Both fighters were slow off their stools for the tenth, the referee breaking up several clinches when the two finally engaged. Vitali Klitschko landed a combination on the back foot, again, answered by Chisora who was taking shots on the way in. Some solid right hands from Chisora towards the end of the round but perhaps not enough to win it.

Pictured: Dereck Chisora, center (face partially covered) with members of his team

The eleventh round saw Chisora launch a huge right hand that failed to connect, the champion boxing nicely on the outside, now seemingly content with the points win. Chisora managed to get in close, his head up on the Ukrainian's chest but failed to land any effective shots. The Londoner continued to duck the big right hand, landing hooks to the body in return.

The final round had the pair touch gloves, perhaps reluctantly. Chisora opened with a real sense of urgency, leaning big right hands thrown with spite. Chisora worked well in close, one left hand straying a little too far south. Chisora landed a couple of head shots, then body shots. Vitali Klitschko caught Chisora off balance and pushed him back to the ropes, his huge frame draining strength from the younger man.

The bell rang and having failed to get the champion out of their Dereck Chisora is defeated by the more experienced champion. Both men emerge with credit, Vitali Klitschko improves to 44-2 (40), retains his world title and the bandwagon rolls on. Chisora, now 15-3 (9) would possibly have won some new friends and respect with his credible challenge, but the crowd jeered him mercilessly in the post fight interview, showing their displeasure at his weigh-in antics.


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