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When WBA heavyweight champion David Haye fights IBF and WBO title-holder Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg on Saturday, he will be a betting underdog.

Here are a few predictions....  FYI, 10 of the 17 responses below are from citizens of the United Kingdom, like David Haye.

CARL FROCH - WBC super-middleweight champion  HAYE    (Telegraph UK)

I fancy David Haye. I like the guy - he's ballsy, he's gutsy, he's everything I like about a man and a boxer. He's a warrior, he means business when he gets in there and I think he's going to do the business.

Wladimir is tall and rangy and awkward and presents a lot of threat for David Haye. But the way David will fight is to put him on his back foot and scare him to death, smash him with those big shots. He's going to hurt Wladimir. 

You saw him sit back for two rounds against Audley Harrison, but when he decided the time was right he jumped on him and did what he had to do to get him out of there. Little grin, job done, see you later, go and pick up the cheque.

MIKE TYSON - Heavyweight Boxing Legend  KLITSCHKO

I like David Haye, but I think Wladimir Klitschko is too superior and too strong. I respect Haye as a human being, but he hasn't earned this fight. Klitschko should wipe him out. Klitschko's a great champion and I think Klitschko's going to beat him.

LENNOX LEWIS - Heavyweight Boxing Legend  HAYE  (Telegraph UK)

Against Nikolay Valuev, David fought a perfect fight; he kept moving, he stayed elusive. He has the speed and the weight in his arms and any shot he hits Klitschko with will be a shocking blow.

Klitschko's strength is his size, his reach and his weight. He has all those advantages, and on paper he is the one they will pick to win because he is a natural heavyweight. If they get into a clinch and Klitschko puts his weight on David it may sap some of David's energy.

But if David is able to stay with his game plan and move and throw combinations, he should do very well. Haye is light but he can use it to his advantage if he can stay away from him.

LEM SATTERFIELD - Writer   KLITSCHKO  (Boxingscene.com)
The patient man will win this match. I believe that David Haye will attempt to move in and out against Wladimir as much as often as he can throughout the fight and that he might even tag the larger man on occasion. Klitschko can channel his ire toward Haye into a focused attack. He will weather any storm and get Haye out of there in 10 rounds or less

This is the most serious challenge Wlad has had in years because Haye will presumably take the chances that most of the Klitschko's challengers haven't been willing to take. If Haye wants to win, he'll have no alternative but to take those risks. For that matter, if Klitschko lets the emotion of the moment get to him (you just know he wants to hammer Haye into small, undetectable pieces), he might take uncharacteristic chances. We can only hope. I say Klitschko gets there first..unless Haye does. Klitschko with a straight right hand in the fifth.

FREDDIE ROACH - Top-tier trainer  HAYE   (Boxing News 24)
Roach previously trained Wladimir for four fights years ago and is well aware of his talent and his limitations as a fighter. Roach thinks that if Haye can jump on Wladimir early, and take away his confidence, Haye can win.

In the telegraph.co.uk article, Roach said "I don't see David Haye as the underdog in this fight...The key to beating someone [like Wladimir] that is to take away their mental confidence right away. Haye can do that with his power, but not by boxing Wlad. Haye's the best thing for the heavyweight division right now, because he comes to fight, he comes to win, and he's a puncher."

AMIR KHAN - WBA light-welterweight champion HAYE  (Bleacher Report)
I think Haye could shock Klitschko - if he's smart, jumps on him early, hurts him and puts him on the back foot. But if Haye lets Klitschko settle in and work behind that jab, the fight could become very hard work.

But my money's on Haye, I think he could even take Klitschko out towards the end of the fight. He's got the speed and the power to knock him out, but I don't think he'll rush into anything just in case he makes a mistake.

JOE CALZAGHE - former two-weight world champion HAYE  (espn uk)

David is my kind of fighter, one of the most exciting fighters in the world right now. He's quick, sharp and classy and throws punches with bad intentions.

He looks even better than I could have ever imagined. The punch power he is showing on the pads is frightening, and everything is thrown with speed. He's moving like a middleweight with heavyweight power at the moment, and that can only be a good thing.

David has a chance. Wladimir is the bigger guy and has the tools with regards to the reach and the weight - but David is fast, can punch and Klitschko's been on the floor 10 times-plus. If he catches him, David can knock him out.

FRANK WARREN - Britain's premier boxing promoter KLITSCHKO  (BBC sport)

Klitschko will be too big for Haye and stop him inside the distance. I know people straightaway will say, 'well, Nikolay Valuev was big', but Klitschko has got more mobility, he's got a great jab and he's got more boxing ability.

Haye says before every fight he's going to have a tear-up, but he never does. He ran and ran and ran from Valuev until the last round. For three rounds against Audley Harrison the crowd were booing because there was no action.

If Haye hits you on the chin he can take you out, but he's got to get inside that jab and let shots go and I just don't see him doing that. And if Haye gets hit on the chin, he will go down. But that's Haye's dilemma - if he's going to run, that will suit Klitschko as well.

- Heavyweight Boxer  HAYE   (boxinginsider)
Former world heavyweight title challenger Monte Barrett is a common opponent of both David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko. The American boxed Haye in late 2008, and also boxed Klitschko a decade ago, while also serving as a sparring partner more recently.

I think he can beat Wladimir," Barrett stated. "I don't know if he could beat Vitali but I think he can beat Wladimir. He's sneaky. He's just as smart as Wladimir. The Klitschkos are smart, they are doctors. I think David Haye has what it takes, out of all the heavyweights, to beat Wladimir.

OSCAR DE LA HOYA - former six-weight world champion LEANING HAYE  (cbs news)

David Haye is a great champion and a very charismatic person, but he's also a great athlete, which is one of his advantages over Klitschko. He can be one of the fighters who can knock out a Klitschko - he's that powerful.

He's fast, a thinker, he can surprise Klitschko, I believe. Klitschko's a great fighter, a big guy, so it's a dangerous fight for David, but I believe it's a very winnable fight for Haye.

RICHIE WOODHALL - former WBC super-middleweight champion      HAYE  (richiewoodhall.com)

Haye knocks him out. It will be a similar performance to the fight against Valuev, a very cagey affair, in that we won't see David just rushing into him - he'll stay on the outside, make him lead, make him miss, and then catch him on the counter with the right hand.

That will be the key, getting inside that jab. Obviously it's going to be a lot more difficult than against Valuev, because Klitschko has a lot more boxing ability. But David is a better boxer than people give him credit for - he can be elusive, he can avoid shots and he's sharp enough and quick enough.

It can be very difficult if you've got someone in front of you who's a lot shorter, it can be very tricky trying to nail him down with that jab, because you can over-commit. I can see Klitschko gaining in confidence as the fight goes on, coming forward, egged on by his own fans, and that could be his downfall.

BERNARD HOPKINS - WBC light-heavyweight champion  HAYE  ((ny times)

Haye will knock out both brothers. I'm not impressed with those guys. They've got the height and good records and a Hall of Fame trainer in Emanuel Steward, but otherwise they're ordinary. They ain't special. They're just lucky.

Wladimir will be real easy for Haye, but he'd run them both down and knock them both out. Without Haye, there ain't nothing going on in the heavyweight division.

TYSON FURY - British heavyweight contender  KLITSCHKO  (Mirror)

Haye's getting KOd, definitely. I can see Klitschko putting him down three or four times before the ref stops it. Haye is fast as lightning but he's a small heavyweight who has got no chin - and we all know what happens to people with no chin. In the heavyweight game if you don't have a chin you get knocked out, it's that simple.

If you leave Klitschko to his own game he'll jib-jab around the ring all night. But if you put him under pressure - constant pressure - and show you're not scared of getting hit, you've got a chance.

But Haye's not going to go to Germany for a war, he's going to run around the ring and nick a point here or there. I think that's the wrong move, you've got to put it on him. Look at the facts - Klitschko hasn't been beaten by a technician, all the fighters who have beaten him have been come-forward boxers.

JOHN MURRAY - European lightweight champion  HAYE  (The Sun)

I want to see Haye do it because he's British and it's good to have the world heavyweight champion on these shores. I can see a Haye win by knockout. Klitschko is a class world champion but he's had his time and now it's Haye's time to shine.

He's younger and fresher and carries dynamite in his fists. The early rounds might be difficult until Haye finds his range and then he'll land one of his big shots.

JAMES DEGALE - former Olympic and British super-middleweight champion   KLITSCHKO
(BBC sport)

In Hamburg, against one of the Klitschkos, it's a difficult task for Haye. Although, being British, hopefully he can go out there and do it and unify the division.

I see Klitschko knocking him out late on, that's the way I see it. He's just too athletic, too big and hits far too hard. But you never know - it's heavyweight boxing, all it takes is one punch, and David Haye can dig.

ANTHONY OGOGO - Commonwealth Games silver medallist and Olympic hopeful HAYE             
(BBC sport)

Klitschko's never boxed anyone who's really come to win, not for a long time, and when he has, he's been beaten. Haye knows what he wants, to be out of the game in four months' time, so he'll go in there with so much desire to win and he'll be too quick for him, overwhelm him and stop him in about seven or eight rounds.

The Klitschkos are massive in Germany so I can't see Haye winning on points. But Haye knows that as well. He's got the confidence in his punching ability and a lack of confidence in Klitschko's chin.

It won't be a tear-up; Haye just talks about that to sell tickets, he's just a really good promoter. I can see him sitting off, losing rounds on purpose, lulling Klitschko into a false sense of security and when no-one's expecting it, whack, whack, whack, all over.

TONY THOMPSON - Top 10 Heavyweight (Considered by some the top US heavyweight)  Fought Klitschko in 2008 and has been a sparring partner for Haye  KLITSCHKO


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