Kimbo Slice Wins Spectacular Slugfest

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Kimbo Slice, aka Kevin Ferguson, despite being rocked in the opening stanza, won an entertaining back-and-forth brawl today on the undercard of Geale vs Mundine in Australia. Defense was non-existent but excitement was everywhere.

Offensively, Kimbo Slice actually looked like a "novice" pro in dispatching Queenslander Shane Tilyard in the second round.

No, he can't hang with anyone in the top 60. And yes, his defense is still quite suspect.

But Mr. Slice appears to have a gift few possess - natural punching power.

Will Kimbo Slice be able to cope with the likes of journeymen Owen Beck, Vinny Maddalone, Nicolai Firtha or Tye Fields in another 12-16 months?

It's not likely but certainly fathomable.

His opponent today, unlike his previous foes who appeared to be randomly snatched from street corners, was fairly formidable (for Kimbo's level).

Twenty-six year old Shane Tilyard sported a 6-6 record. He'd won all six of his fights by KO and had every intention of making Kimbo No. 7.

The first round was epic.

Kimbo Slice, as usual, appeared to be gunning for a knockout in the opening seconds, firing vicious hooks and uppercuts. Some missed but most landed. However, unlike most of his recent opponents, Tilyard fought back.

The Australian smashed a right-left combination that sent Slice reeling against the ropes.

Tilyard then connected with two more crisp powershots and a wobbly Kimbo appeared to be of the verge of tasting the canvas. But wisely, Kimbo held on and weathered the storm.

The brawl ensued into Round 2 with both men flailing away, dishing out heavy shots.

And then, at the 1:11 mark of the round, Kimbo unleashed a wicked, well-placed body shot that sent Tilyard to the canvas crying in agony.

Slice improved to 7-0 (6 KO) while Tilyard dropped to 6-7, 6 KO.

"Shane Tilyard, God bless him, he is a tough guy," Kimbo Slice said.

"Hopefully I will be back for another fight."

Slice vs Tilyard Video; Rounds 1-2
(Round 1 was classic)


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