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Kenzie Morrison: Rising heavyweight returns Aug 16

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James McKenzie Morrison (15-0-2, 13 KO), son of famed 1990's heavyweight contender Tommy "The Duke" Morrison, returns next Friday night at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas.

The 29 year old Morrison will face 35 year old Sam Shewmaker who is undefeated at 5-0, 0 KO.

The card is being promoted by Joe Kelly's JGK Entertainment LLC and will also feature the son of boxing legend “Sugar” Shane Mosley, “Sugarman” Shane Mosley Jr, 14-3 (9 KO).

Looking very much like his late father, Kenzie is ranked No. 263 (of 1,298) in the division by BoxRec and No 74 (of 357) in the US.

Kenzie last fought in June, defeating Leroy Childs (then 13-2) by KO. And prior to that, Morrison, in 2018, beat Galen Brown, the biggest name on his resume to date. Well-traveled, Brown had shared the ring with the likes of Hasim Rahman, Marcus Rhode, Mariusz Wach, Fres Oquendo, Chazz Witherspoon and Eddie Chambers to name a few.

Morrison stopped Brown in 40 seconds.

Kenzie Morrison
Record: 15-0-2
KO: 13
KO Pct: 76%
Alias: James Morrison/Kenzie Morrison
Age: 29
Height: 191cm / 6 feet 3"
Stance: Orthodox
Debut: October 11, 2014
Born July 18, 1990
Nationality: USA
Residence: Miami, Oklahoma, USA

Kenzie's half-brother, Trey Lippe Morrison (16-0, 16 KO), is also making a name for himself as a pro heavyweight and the fighters are separated in age by only 10 months.

“We always grew up doing sports and playing against each other,” Trey said of his relationship with Kenzie via Tulsa World in 2015. “Boxing had nothing to do with it. Boxing brought us together after my dad passed.

“We thought it would be nice for ourselves — (and) to honor (Tommy’s) name — to give it a shot, and we came together again with the whole boxing thing.”

Leaner than his father, Kenzie works behind a good, strong jab and isn't the in-your-face aggressive slugger his father was but boasts good punching power.

“My dad always wanted me to change my name, Kenzie told Tulsa World. It nagged at me,” Kenzie said. “Before my first fight in July, my mom showed me a stack of letters that he wrote when he was in prison. I read through them and it was kind of emotional — right after he passed away."

The only blemishes on Kenzie's ledger are draws to Aaron Chavers (then 7-1) and Chris Harris (then 2-0) in 2016 and 2015, respectively.

Morrison was out of the ring for a year, from June 2018 to June 2019. If he's going to be a serious contender, he'll need to fight consistently and without such lengthy layoffs.

Tommy Morrison, a former WBO heavyweight champion and top 10 heavyweight for the better part of 1991 to 1996, died in September 2013.

Was Tommy Morrison ever not in an exciting fight? Of his 52 bouts, only seven went the distance. He was a great warrior during an exhilarating time in heavyweight boxing.

Will either - or both - of his sons follow in their father's footsteps?

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