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Keith Thurman calls out Amir Khan, Devon Alexander, and Floyd Mayweather

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In December 11, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, the always entertaining and charismatic Keith "One Time" Thurman stole the show at the final press conference, promoting Saturday night's highly anticipated "Tripleheader" on Showtime Championship Boxing.

Although the most eagerly awaited match-up of the evening will feature two former Junior Welterweight Champions in Amir Khan with Devon Alexander, most media members left the auditorium buzzing about the knock-out artist from Clearwater, Florida.

"At the end of the day, I told my team that I just want to fight a respectable guy who's undefeated. I'm undefeated. I like fighting undefeated fighters," professed the 26 year old fighter. "I know the fans are itching to see me back in the ring, and the fans are truly looking forward to 2015. But you guys have to tune into Showtime on Saturday night at the MGM Grand first. It's going to be a great fight."

"Bundu is an Olympian, and it was always my dream to compete as an Olympian. But I fell short in 2008. So I'm extremely excited to gauge my skills and my talents against an ex-Olympian."

Despite promoting his current assignment, which will be featured in Saturday night's co-main event, Keith couldn't contain himself from calling out both competing main-event fighters...simultaneously.

"I'm looking for tough challengers. I really would like to fight this guy right here, and this guy right here," Keith stated at the MGM podium while pointing to both Amir Khan and Devon Alexander. "But obviously we can't make that happen right now."

"So get your popcorn, get your beer, hold your pee...because if you don't, you just might miss it! It's One-Time...every time...KO's for life...Don't blink!!"

And if his words weren't enough to excite fight fans about the return of "One Time", on Friday, December 12th, at the official weigh-in ceremony, the WBA champ called out the pound for pound king of boxing, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When asked by a Showtime commentator if he hopes to get a mega fight with Floyd Jr. sometime in the near future, Keith exploded.

"Floyd is supposed to be TBE, and I want to fight the best. I want to fight the man," stated Thurman. "It ain't like Floyd's going to knock me out. When has Floyd knocked anybody out over the last several years? Huh? So if there's anyone who should be scared, it should be him."

"To be honest...I'm looking forward to destroying Mr. Floyd Money Mayweather. I have a motto. This is my personal motto...it's called 'Burn Money'. In 2015 we're ready to 'Burn Money'."

In 2015, fight fans are ready to see a top 5 Welterweight finally step up to face the undefeated WBA interim champion. But who? Who has the courage to accept the challenge and fight Keith "one Time" Thurman next year?


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