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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: Wife addresses alleged scandalous prostitutes video

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Too much drama.

Following his one-side loss to Canelo Alvarez last week at  T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr had a rather odd experience.

After catching punches with his chin all night, Chavez Jr, a married man, was caught on tape two days after the fight looking scandalous.

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

In the video, not for young eyes, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. is seen lying on a bed and allowing half-naked girls to rub his chest. In fact, one of the girls was nonchalant as the person filming the video pulled down her pants and touched her butt while another woman proceeded to undress, insisting she 'had a nice a**'.

During this get together, Chavez Jr apparently had several items stolen, including a $40,000 watch and his $3 Million check for the fight. The latter has been found.

His wife, Frida Chavez, told ESPN Deportes she was with her husband Monday night when they met a British man at a hotel bar. She said that after some drinking, the man, Julio, and a group of women took the party to Chavez Jr.’s suite but she was not with them, choosing to tend to her young daughter instead.

Presumably hinting it was a set-up from the beginning and that her husband wasn't guilty of any indiscretion, Frida insists Julio was victimized while hanging out with the 'fans' who accompanied the fighter and several other men to his suite.

And in her husband's defense, he's not seen making any actions towards the girls. He's simply allowing them to caress him.

Perhaps Chavez Jr didn't reciprocate, and that was his saving grace? But regardless, and no matter what happened, he, as a presumably monogamous, married man, allowed himself to be in a very compromising situation.

Per the Nevada Athletic Commission, Canelo's guarantee was $5 Million and Chavez's $3 Million. Alvarez also reportedly received a percentage of the gate and pay-per-view buys as well as payouts from Mexican networks that broadcasted the bout.

The now-famous Chavez Jr prostitutes video is a bit too steamy to embed on the site but you can find it on YouTube.


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