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Juan Manuel Marquez: Still Beleaguered by PEDs Accusations

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Still fresh in the minds of many is the shocking upset Juan Manuel Marquez orchestrated over Manny Pacquiao last month, violently knocking out his talented rival with a single punch.

The fight was riveting from the very start and heading into the 6th the warriors had exchanged knockdowns, leaving little doubt one man would eventually get stopped.

Their first three fights were close and the decision rendered for each was arguably controversial.

With fewer than 10 seconds left in the 6th Round of their fourth and most recent encounter, Manny Pacquiao leaped inside to land a jab when Marquez stepped to the left and smashed his glove into the oncoming Pacquiao's face.

The Filipino legend fell face down and lie motionless for nearly a minute.

You would think that Marquez would be saluted as a hero. Certainly the praise should be coming at him from all directions. But that hasn't happened. Instead, he has been accused of using Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDs).

UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, who tested positive for PEDs himself following a 2010 MMA bout, has been the latest big name to insinuate Marquez "may" be guilty of foul play.

"The guy's got a six-pack that he never had before," Sonnen stated on Showtime's "Jim Rome: Live."

"There are two tests that you have. You've got the pee test, but you've also got the visual test. 

BloodyElbow.com quoted Sonnen as saying, "But you gotta understand, all substances aren't illegal. Did he take something? Sure, he did. Did he take something illegal? Well, according to the test, 'no'."

Is this a clear dig that something is suspicious about the test results?  Marquez's character certainly isn't suspicious. He has seemingly been a model pro throughout. 

Both Juan Manuel Marquez (L) and Manny Pacquiao passed their drug tests
(Chris Farina/Top Rank)


Those accusing Marquez have stated numerous reasons for doing so: 

  • The muscle he has gained at his advanced age (39)
  • The newfound, devastating power which he seems to have acquired and
  • The fact his strength and conditioning coach was previously involved in a drug cheating ring.

Does this mean Juan Manuel Marquez gained an unfair advantage?

Not necessarily.

I will not lie - When I first saw the chiseled Marquez at the weigh-in, I was suspicious. And I'm still confused. But that is the only thing that might be suspicious.

His newfound punching power, or so it seems, can be explained by timing and momentum.

Marquez stepped and countered at exactly the right time, planted his feet and punched Manny from the latter's blind side with incredible momentum. Moreover, Pacquiao lunged in as the punch was being thrown thus doubling its effects. That punch would have knocked out any welterweight who has ever lived.

So are the past crimes of Marquez's trainer significant in this case?

Not really.

He shouldn't be allowed to work with any kind of athlete. However, his crime(s) occurred in the past and Marquez shouldn't be tainted by the previous wrongdoings of another. 

It's also important to take the reputation of Marquez into consideration. He's been fighting for a very long time yet has never been known to cheat.  

He has even drank his own urine... Now that's taking 'natural' to extremes.

We can't be sure of Marquez's guilt or innocence - But no one should make a biased judgment.

It's always important to base your judgement on facts.

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