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Angel "Memo" Heredia reveals the secret to Juan Manuel Marquez's performance?

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On Saturday night, May 17th, fight fans in the Los Angeles area were treated to a brilliant, action filled contest in the newly restored Great Western Forum...a facility that has hosted some of California's finest toe to toe action since 1967. But to the surprise of many, the legendary fight venue wasn't the only feature throughout the weekend's festivities that seemed to be completely refurbished and renewed.

Four division world champion and future Hall of Famer Juan Manuel Marquez not only appeared to turn back the clock while dominating former WBO title holder Mike Alvarado, he ostensibly reinvented it.

Since working with strength and conditioning expert Angel "Memo" Heredia Hernandez, the 40 year old fighter has greatly improved his speed, power, reflexes, and explosiveness in the ring.

The guru of sports medicine gives fight fans a glimpse into what made the 21 year fight veteran resemble an energetic and vigorous young athlete throughout his impressive victory over Mike Alvarado.

"When you're an athlete, you not only have to go through different processes of training, but you also have to go through periods of recovery as well," explains the self proclaimed "science guru".

"When an athlete rests, you have to feed the body while it sleeps. So you have to give it enzymes and slow metabolizing proteins to digest while the body sleeps."

"So even an athlete is resting, he's still feeding his body. So it assists with the muscles' natural cannibalization process and allows the body to recover quickly."

To help every aspiring athlete create a "Dinamita" body to ensure maximum performance, Memo is launching a line of dietary supplements endorsed by Mexican fight legend, Juan Manuel Marquez.

"You can purchase all of our 'Dinamita Series' supplements at www.ringsidepromotions.net," claims the in-demand fitness expert.

"It's been a privilege to work with a real legend of boxing like Juan Manuel Marquez. I was originally brought on board to increase his speed, power, and explosiveness, because he was going to be competing in a higher weight division at an increased age."

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At 40 years of age, Marquez seems to be increasingly faster, stronger, and more durable with each passing effort.

Memo claims that age is the biggest misconception when analyzing a fighter's potential in the antiquated sport of boxing.

"People always seem to think that age is a big factor. Age is not a factor as long as you take care of your body and implement preventative measures while training."

The knowledgeable trainer also greatly attributes the four division world champion's natural gifts as the primary ingredient in Marquez's recipe for success.

"Marquez is extremely stubborn as an athlete and a person," insists Angel Heredia Hernandez.

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"He doesn't like to be told that he can't do something. He embraces and seems to thrive off of challenges. It's the primary reason why he such a legend in boxing."

"That's why even though he's forty years old, he looked like a 25 year old fighter in the ring last night. We both love to prove people wrong."

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