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Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder purses: Slim pickens for American?

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According to promoter Eddie Hearn, should IBF/WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua face his WBC peer, Deontay Wilder, next year, the latter shouldn't expect a huge pay day.

In fact, the American has been told to expect a hefty pay cut, and that a 50-50 split wouldn't be in the cards.

"He [Wilder] hasn’t had a serious fight yet and he needs to fight someone real before he can start making demands," stated Hearn via The Sun UK.

"I want him to fight Dillian Whyte at the O2 on February 3."

Joshua vs Wilder is clearly one of the biggest match-ups in boxing and by the time it happens, if it happens, Wilder's presumed pay cut wouldn't be considerable. In fact, the bout could serve as his most lucrative bout to date.


For an unbeaten heavyweight champion, Wilder's purses haven't been high.(See below)

If the public demand is there, Wilder, with even the short end of a 65-35 purse split, would be compensated well. And even if interest in Joshua vs Wilder falls a bit short of expectations, Deontay would still receive a handsome pay day.

Why the purse split favors Joshua
It's all about stock value. A rock star in England, Anthony Joshua has gained a tremendous amount of momentum the past year while Wilder's stock has tapered a bit due to inactivity (due to injury) and because he has yet to defeat a big name opponent.

Joshua, of course, knocked out fight legend Wladimir Klitschko in April in one of the biggest, most epic bouts in heavyweight championship history. That bout, alone, propelled his stock internationally.

Making sense of Hearns' decree
Hearn, by making the aforementioned statements, is probably trying to minimize Wilder's expectations early. If Deontay enters negotiations knowing he'll receive far less than 50-50, he might be easier to negotiate with.

Also, Hearn could be trying to disway Wilder from pursuing a 2018 showdown with the IBF/WBA champ because the risk of Joshua facing the American would or could be greater than the reward. After all, Joshua could generate significant revenue without facing Wilder but Wilder can't do the same without facing Joshua or another big name.

If you're Team Joshua, superfight showdowns with Tyson Fury and David Haye in 2018 would not only be safer than a Wilder bout, they'd generate comparable revenue. 


Purported purses for a few of Wilder's previous bouts...
February 2017 - Wilder ($900,000) vs Gerald Washington
July 2016 - Wilder ($1.4 Million) vs Chris Arreola ($150,000)
Jan 2016 - Wilder ($1.5 Million) vs Artur Szpilka ($250,000)
Jun 2015 - Wilder ($1.4 Million) vs Carlos Molina ($250,000)
Jan 2015 - Wilder ($1 Million) vs Bermane Stiverne ($910,000)



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