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Joshua vs Ruiz 2 purse: Is Andy threatening to pull out of rematch?

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Apparently, WBA/WBO/IBF Heavyweight Champion Andy Ruiz is threatening to boycott his rematch with Anthony Joshua scheduled for December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

Per Express UK, boxing journalist  Mike Coppinger tweeted on Saturday:

“Sources tell @TheAthletic Andy Ruiz Jr. isn’t expected to sign off on the rematch in Saudi Arabia unless he’s guaranteed a significantly higher purse than the approximately $9 million he’s guaranteed to fight Anthony Joshua again.”

Ruiz stated last month he wanted a $50 Million purse for the Joshua rematch but it's doubtful anyone took him seriously. Was he being candid after all?

Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, who is the lead promoter for the rematch just as he was for June's fight, insists he and AJ are still calling the shots because Andy signed an immediate rematch clause in return for the opportunity to face AJ last June. Should Ruiz opt out, Hearn would likely take Team Ruiz to court and things would get a bit messy.

Who would have the advantage in legal proceedings?

Answer: Probably Team Joshua. (If Ruiz knowingly committed to the rematch and signed on the dotted line)

Lewis vs Rahman 2
Let's go back to 2001. After upsetting Lennox Lewis to win the title, Hasim Rahman signed with promoter Don King and was intent on forgoing his rematch obligation to Lewis. At that point, Lewis filed a lawsuit to force an immediate rematch and a U.S. District Judge ruled in favor of Lewis, stating that Rahman had to either fight Lewis or not fight at all for the next 18 months.

(Seven months after their first bout, Lewis KO'd Rahman to regain the titles)

Legally, Joshua and Hearn probably have control over the date, venue and location, and possibly the purse due to a "fixed guarantee" that was likely in the previous contract.

Joshua vs Ruiz purses
In their first meeting, it's believed Joshua earned between $28 and $32 million USD while Ruiz is believed to have garnered roughly $6 to 7 million USD (£5.36m). If those numbers are accurate, it's no surprise Ruiz is upset.

... He'd be getting a small raise in purse despite his big and decisive upset win and all of  the post-fight buzz that came with it.

Also, it's rumored Hearn will receive $40 Million for the site fee, alone, so Joshua vs Ruiz 2 could rake in a lot more money than the first fight. It also means AJ's purse will likely remain the same ($28-$32 Million), if not tick up a bit.

Perhaps Ruiz, the defending champion and winner of the first fight, feels disrespected because his opponent will earn more than 3x more than himself. But, let's not forget that it's Joshua, and not Ruiz, who'll be the A-side.

Only because of Joshua's name was Andy able to earn $6 Million for the first fight.

Joshua could have earned $30 Million fighting a number of opponents while Ruiz couldn't have earned anywhere near $6 Million fighting anyone else.

And if Ruiz beats Joshua again, Andy's team would likely call the shots going forward. It's not a terrible deal even though, on the surface, Ruiz should or could be getting a higher boost in his purse.

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