Joshua vs Ruiz 2 contract: Expect nothing

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It's just a few days away... The heavyweight title rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua.

The two heavyweight giants step back into the ring on December 7 in a Saudi Arabia showdown dubbed the Joshua vs Ruiz 2: Clash on the Dunes.

On June 1, of course, Joshua, the heavily favored champion, was unseated by Ruiz, a late replacement for Jarrell Miller. However, Joshua vs Ruiz 1 wasn't without a rematch clause in the contract and Andy had to agree to give Joshua an immediate rematch as a condition to fight in their first scrap.

Hence, no signature from Ruiz would have meant no title shot for the 29 year old Mexican American.

Rematch clauses are fairly common in boxing when a big-name champion faces a little-known opponent. Had Andy refused to give Joshua an immediate rematch their teams would have likely gone to court and Joshua's team, more specifically Eddie Hearn, would have probably won.

Question: Is there a Joshua vs Ruiz 2 contract?

Yes, but it's probably void of rematch stipulations. In that contract, you'd probably see the usual legal mumbo jumbo in addition to purse details for the rematch and, perhaps, stipulations about which brands of glove the fighters will or won't use.

Should Joshua regain his title, he won't be contractually obligated to face Ruiz again.


Although Ruiz won the first fight, Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, is still calling the shots for the rematch because Andy gave him that right when signing the first contract. So, the Joshua vs Ruiz 2 contract simply enforces what was agreed to prior to the first bout.

Minus amended purse details, there's probably nothing new.

Question: Should Ruiz win again, what would be Hearn's role in Andy's upcoming fights?

This is where things can get a bit shady. As a condition to fight Joshua in June, Andy may have also agreed to allow Hearn to promote, or partially promote, his next 2 or 3 fights.

When Evander Holyfield signed to fight Mike Tyson in 1996, the former had to agree to allow Tyson's promoter, Don King, to promote several of Evander's fights post Tyson vs Holyfield I as a condition to get the opportunity to fight Mike.

Given Ruiz is managed by the crafty Al Haymon, don't expect Hearn to have much influence in Ruiz's future fights unless, of course, Andy voluntarily signs with Hearn. Nevertheless, there's certainly a possibility Hearn could have at least a small role in one or two of Ruiz's fights post the rematch. And it's possible, if not likely, Hearn will have no role at all going forward.


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