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Joshua vs Parker streaming: What U.S. fans don't realize

Lee Cleveland Updated
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The heavyweight title unification fight between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker is just hours away.

Both combatants will put their belts on the line in front of a sell-out crowd at Cardiff's Principality Stadium in London.

Fight Time
Look for Joshua vs Parker to start anywhere between 5:00pm ET and 6:00pm ET stateside and 10:00pm and 11pm London.

The fight will be broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK and on Showtime in the U.S.

If you're in the UK, Joshua vs Parker will cost £19.95 up to midnight on Friday March 30 - ie the day before the fight - but will go up to £24.95 for telephone bookings on the day of the fight. Online and remote control bookings will remain £19.95.

Many fans in the U.S. will pass on this fight because they don't have cable or refuse to purchase an upgraded option that includes Showtime. Yes, cable companies bundle channels together hoping customers will pay an extra $40 or $50 per month for that one special channel that isn't included in their current bundle.

“I want to watch the fight but don’t have Showtime,” many will attest.

Joshua vs Parker Streaming
What many Americans don’t realize is they can purchase Showtime online for just $10.99 - After getting their first month free. And Showtime bills month to month so you can drop your subscription during months the network isn't airing fights you're interested in if you have no interest in their movies and other events.

So, fans can continue to go without cable or keep their current cable bundle while still being able to catch the fights on Showtime inexpensively. Nevertheless, fight fans who don't realize this (and even some who do) will resort to illegal streams.

Illegal Streaming
Given all the buzz about Joshua vs Parker, hackers are surely looking for ways to profit off the event.

Hackers shamelessly - and illegally - broadcast copyrighted content in order to 1) To make money via the ads showcased with that stolen content and 2) to attempt to infect users' computers with malware via malicious pop-ups and deceptive links when users frequent their sites to access streaming coverage.

Essentially, they make money off the blood, sweat and tears of the fighters, managers and promoters and then, depending on the medium, attempt to infect users with viruses so they can, again, illegally generate revenue by compromising people's credit information or stealing their identity.

Pirating also diminishes the value of big fights because the fighters, managers and promoters earn less for their work because a certain percentage of viewers aren't paying for the product. As a result, some match-ups don't come to fruition because the projected revenue doesn't meet the minimum expectations of the parties involved.

Fight fans, why not just shell out $10.99 seven, eight or nine months out of the year and catch all of Showtime's big fights without having to deal with low quality streaming, the prospect of getting computer viruses and the guilt of cheating the fighters, trainers and promoters?


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