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Joshua vs Klitschko Round 5: Definitely not a 10-8 round

Lee Cleveland Updated
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Last night in one of the greatest heavyweight title fights ever, IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua came back from the brink of defeat to knockout 41 year old fight legend Wladimir Klitschko in Round 11.

It was a classic back and forth battle of skill, courage, attrition and power.

Certainly, the 90,000 in attendance got their money's worth.

Although Wladimir came out more aggressively in each of the first three rounds, Joshua won those stanzas and led 30-27 heading in Round 4, which belonged to Klitschko. In that round, Wlad once again opened strong, landing the first big punch of the fight in the stanza's early moments. There wasn't a lot of action but Klitschko appeared to shifting the momentum.

And then fireworks erupted...

Round 5

Surprise! This time Joshua started the round fast, unleashing bombs on Klitschko and seemingly gunning for a knockout. Klitschko, badly hurt, would be floored by a furious combination.

And just like that, the Klitschko era had come to an end.

... Or so it seemed.

But Wlad, now bleeding from his left eye, arose. And moments later.... Bang!

Klitschko landed a massive left hook. Joshua, who was clearly hurt by the shot, appeared to be gassed as Klitschko had gained the upper hand and subsequently raked the champion with serious powershots to close the round.

It was 'Round of the Year' stuff!

But unfortunately, many so called experts awarded Joshua with a 10-8 score due to the knockdown. In doing so, they failed to give Klitschko credit for dominating the second half of the round.

The 10-8 score (for knockdowns) is - or at least should be - only reserved for a fighter who would have won the round without the knockdown or for stanzas that would have otherwise been even.

In Klitschko vs Joshua, that was clearly not the case. Without the knockdown, Klitschko wins the round.

Judges and fans are often too quick to award 10-8 rounds for knockdowns. In doing so, they fail to take in consideration all of the action that happened in the other 2 minutes and 50 seconds or so of the round.


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