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Joshua vs Klitschko 2 odds: Why Brit will be heavier favorite in rematch

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Despite losing to IBF Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua last month, fight legend Wladimir Klitschko's stock rises.

Not only was it one of his best performances in his career, the fight was one of the greatest in heavyweight title history.

So, will the Joshua vs Klitschko odds be any different for the rematch?

Answer: No

Entering their first bout, Bovada had Klitschko as the -200 underdog while Joshua was slated as the -260 favorite. Hence, if Wlad won a $200 wager would have yielded $100. The same bet on Joshua generated about $77.

For Joshua vs Klitschko 2, look for Anthony to be a slightly healthier favorite.

Joshua vs Klitschko 1
Many who favored Wlad (like myself) noticed a quiet confidence in the 41-year-old heading into the showdown. It's a certain swagger that was self-assured but not arrogant.

Every time Wlad peered into Joshua's eyes during the pre-fight pressers, you could just see Klitschko thinking, "Welcome to the big leagues, young man. I've got something waiting for you when we step into the ring."

Wlad clearly had a psychological edge due to his experience and the fact he apparently owned Joshua when the sparred a few years ago. Moreover, Wladimir was obsessed with winning that bout, and was extremely prepared mentally and physically. 

How is Wladimir Klitschko going to attain that same level of hunger and focus the second time around?

The odds are clearly against him.

Here's the problem: Now, Joshua has the clear psychological advantage because he took Wlad's best, endured getting hurt and being knocked down, and rallied to get off the canvas to stop Wlad inside the distance.

Joshua has shown he can hurt and KO a very focused, superbly-conditioned Wladimir Klitschko. Wlad, on the other hand, has only shown that when he is in the best possible shape, he can hurt Anthony and give him a 'run for his money.'


Joshua vs Klitschko 2 - The Rematch (News)
Date: TBD
Location: TBD
Venue: TBD

Broadcast (not confirmed): 
SKY Sports (UK); Showtime (U.S.), HBO (Delayed U.S.)

Titles: WBA / IBF (or just the IBF alone)

Champion: Joshua (IBF)
Presumed Favorite: Joshua


Don't expect the Joshua vs Klitschko 2 odds to sway in Wlad's direction unless there's something to suggest Joshua hasn't taken his training seriously. (Ex: He enters the rematch 15 pounds heavier)

Can the former champion redeem himself of his knockout loss to Joshua? And are there adjustments Wlad can make during the training and the fight that will lead him to victory?

Wladimir Klitschko is a winner who knows nothing but success in boxing. It'll take more than being knocked out by Anthony Joshua to send him into retirement - especially given his tremendous performance and the fact he nearly stopped Anthony. However, a similar game plan, no matter how successful it was in the past, is likely not the right tonic to beat Joshua. That stated, Wlad entered the fight with what appeared to be a solid game plan.

To win the rematch, Wlad will not only have to train with the same intensity, focus and determination he had for their April bout, he'll need an even better game plan... if one exists.

The odds are clearly against Wlad but an upset would still be far from a shocker.



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