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Jose Canseco vs Lenny Dykstra - Ready for Some Base Brawl?

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Former MLB All-Stars ready to do battle in the ring instead of on the diamond.

The favorite, former American League MVP, best-selling author and admitted steroids user, Jose Canseco, will step in the ring against the underdog, former National League all-star and car wash businessman Lenny Dykstra.

The freaks...er..former baseball pros will meet in the main event of a celebrity boxing card at a Hollywood nightclub, Saturday night.

Both men have fallen upon hard times, financially and socially, since their MLB demise.  

The fight was conceived after Jose Canseco, the poster-boy for MLB steroid whistle-blowing, recently asserted Dykstra used steroids during his career.  However, Dykstra was also named in the Mitchell Report on steroid use in Major League Baseball on December 13, 2007. The report cited multiple sources, including Kirk Radomski, stating that Dykstra used anabolic steroids during his MLB career.

"This is about Lenny Dykstra's good name," Dan Herman, Dykstra's manager told the (New York) Daily News recently. "Jose Canseco put out a book that claims (Dykstra) used steroids. (One) step is knocking out Jose Canseco so he can't snitch anymore."

You will be able to view the "show" on PPV for $19.95 USD.

In July 2009, Dykstra, whose net worth was once estimated at $58 Million USD in 2008, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and, according to sources, was living out of his car and in hotel lobbies two months later. Since then, the former MLB star has had numerous run-ins with the law and legal issues. 

Dykstra was released from jail earlier this year.

In 2005, Canseco admitted to using anabolic steroids in a tell-all book, Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant 'Roids, Smash Hits & How Baseball Got Big. Canseco also claimed that up to 85% of major league players took steroids, a figure disputed by many in the game.

Like Dykstra, Canseco has been involved in a fair share of incidents with the law during the last ten years.

In 2008, the former A's great who had been worth a fortune revealed that he lost his house to foreclosure citing his two divorces had cost him $7 to $8 million each. 

Philadelphia sportscaster and former NFL football player Vai Sikahema accepted a challenge from Canseco to fight him for $30,000. The fight took place in Atlantic City and the 5'9" Sikahema knocked out the 6'4" Canseco in the first round. Also on January 24, 2009, Canseco fought radio personality and former child actor Danny Bonaduce in Aston Township, Pennsylvania - the three-round match ended in a majority draw.

Canseco, who claims to hold Black Belts in karate and taekwondo, made his mixed martial arts debut at Dream 9 on May 26, 2009, where he lost in the first round against 7'2" kickboxer and occasional mixed martial artist Choi Hong-man as part of Dream's Super Hulk Tournament.

When asked about his opponent, Canseco told the New York Daily News, "I haven't seen Lenny in a million years... I met him briefly, maybe 20 years ago. I don't know what kind of shape he's in. I know I'm a lot taller than he is. I have a lot more experience in that arena. I'm a physical specimen. I'm an athlete, and I stay in good shape."

This is so silly its kind of funny... Dykstra in two!

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