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Jared Anderson: Fury's father calls, "The next big thing"

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A young heavyweight recently received some high praise from John Fury, father of lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Not impressed with today's top heavyweight contenders, the senior Fury told Sky Sports there's one prospect who caught his eye.

"They [today's top heavyweights] aren't going to beat him [Tyson Fury]. You can see the crop of heavyweights - they are all good, but not in Tyson's class."

"Tyson is out there on his own. Unless there is a fighter born, who comes out of nowhere with an amazing talent, but I've not seen him yet."

"There's one - Jared Anderson. He's an unbeaten heavyweight with [promoter] Bob Arum.

"I do believe he can be the next big thing when Tyson is gone.

"But the kid is only 21-years-old. He's got a bit to do yet.

"He's the only one who stands out for me. All these other guys? They are all on the same par."

Who is Jared Anderson?

At 21, Anderson is 9-0, 9 KO (5 first round knockouts) and earning a reputation as a solid and exciting up-and-coming heavyweight.

He debuted in October 2019 and managed to notch six fights last year despite the temporary Covid shutdown.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, USA, the 6′ 4″ Anderson was a top sparring partner for Tyson Fury in his preparation for the Deontay Wilder rematch so John Fury has seen up-close what this fella is capable of.

"If you can hit me, then you've got some speed and technique," Anderson told Sky Sports at the time.

"He knew that if he could hit me, he could definitely hit Wilder."

Anderson described his style: "Elusive, quick, sharp. I am not the biggest or strongest but I'm always in front of you, throwing punches."

So far, Jared Anderson looks like the truth.

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