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Floyd Mayweather Jr. - The Worst Son in the World?

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally did it. He showed his true colors by publicly dishonoring his father and revealing the cancer that is his personality. What a terrible way to put the finishing touch on his legacy...

As a Las Vegas resident and reporter, I've always had respect for Floyd Mayweather, Jr. He is without a doubt a true superstar and legend of the game.

His alter-ego, 'Money Mayweather,' is just a facade and most Vegas residents know it. The evidence of Floyd's softer side is everywhere. Just ask the 70-year old African-American man who works at the auto-detail shop where Floyd Jr. frequents.  Floyd regularly leaves him $100 USD tips which have been critically important in covering the man's bills. And earlier this year, Floyd paid for the funeral of Genaro Hernandez - a former opponent who succumbed to cancer at the tender age of 45. But Floyd Jr. doesn't want us to hear about his acts of kindness and generosity. He loves to fuel the fire and expand his army of "haters." Playing the bad guy works for him and it has elevated his popularity to epic levels.

Like him or hate him, everyone knows who Floyd Jr. is.  And whether people watch his fights to cheer for him or against him, his bouts generate tremendous interest and pour millions into his bank account.

But now his haters have their coup de grâce as the walls started crumbling around "Money's World" the minute he publicly disgraced his father on national television. Unfortunately for "Money May" it backfired as the younger Mayweather was only successful in making himself look like an immature brat.  Floyd Sr. has made mistakes. He's not perfect - no one is. But no father deserves that kind of lashing and disrespect in public.

Is Floyd Jr's gym better than Johhny Tocco's where Floyd Sr. trains his fighters'? From a material standpoint it is. The ring is newer and larger, and the equipment is state-of-the-art and far superior in quality. But fighters don't visit Johnny Tocco's for the fancy accessories - they train there to forge themselves in its hallowed halls. Floyd Sr. is there for a reason.

So why does Floyd Sr. sometimes visit his son's gym?  He's there because he loves his son. Every father wants to see his son achieve more than he did. And while Floyd Jr. has surpassed his father as a fighter and revenue generator - he hasn't surpassed his father as a human being.

Should Floyd Jr's uncle, Roger, be given most of the credit for the younger Mayweather's success?  Maybe, maybe not. But there are two cores to Floyd Jr.'s success and his father imparted both - His DNA and the ever-so popular and extremely effective shoulder roll.  'Money May' would be nothing without his father.

Floyd Jr., went global with his tirade last week. And now, he should go global with an unabated apology.  

Forgive and be forgiven.


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