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Homosexuality and The Bible: Filipino star opposes Manny Pacquiao's views but doesn't condemn PacMan

Joseph Herron Updated
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Senator Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines will be gracing the light-blue canvas once again on November 5.

The 37 year old ring legend will be competing for Jessie Vargas' WBO Welterweight champion in the main event of a four-bout PPV televised card. Featured in the co-main event of the evening, for the first time on the same bill as the Pacman will be "Filipino Flash" Nonito Donaire.

While most fight fans and interested bystanders have grown accustomed to seeing Senator Pacquiao heavily involved in the political realm of the Philippines, will the world see the four division world titlist run for office in the near future as well?

It's beginning to seem like Donaire is preparing himself for a post-fight career in politics with his most recent social commentary.

When asked about Manny's controversial position on same sex marriage and homosexuality, Nonito embraced a more liberal and peaceful mindset.

(Quoting Leviticus 20:13 in The Bible, Pacquiao stated earlier this year via social media, as reported by ABS CBN News, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

"For me as a person, I've always viewed the issue as freewill for the people," Donaire recently stated to FightHype.com at Tuesday's Top Rank press conference.

"God is the judge of all of us. But you can't fault someone for taking a different position because it's what they believe in...if they're religious, they're going to believe what they want to believe in. And sometimes they get scrutinized for what they believe in because they're so passionate about it."

"Has it influenced me in any way?"


I'm always going to respect each and every person that comes my way, regardless of who you are...regardless if you're poor, regardless if you're gay...no matter what it is. Everybody deserves to be respected."

"People are people, and they're going to judge regardless. But lets not get worked up about judging others, lets work towards love and respect. There are much bigger problems that we should be focused on right now."

Nonito has his own seemingly "big problem" on November 5 as he faces unbeaten knock-out artist, Jessie Magdaleno from Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the hungry, young ring lion desperately wants to win a world title and defeat a future Hall of Famer like Donaire, the native Filipino warns the title challenger to be careful what he seeks, because he's going to be faced with resistance he's never experienced as a professional.

"He is a hungry lion," admits the 2012 Fighter of the Year. "But I'm a dragon, and I eat lions for breakfast."

"I respect Jessie. He's undefeated because he obviously knows how to fight. But I'm a four division world champion because I know how to fight too. Is he ready for that level of competition? I'm used to targets on my back and I know how to handle it."

After getting floored and stopped in brutal fashion for the first time in his 15 year professional career back in October of 2014, the soon to be 34 year old is surprisingly unfazed by the loss and claims to have become stronger with the experience.

"I feel like I'm 21 again," Nonito stated with a firm resolve. "I got my second wind after the Walters defeat. Many fighters have a hard time dealing with defeat and can't accept it when someone is the better fighter on that occasion. But I accepted hitting the canvas for the first time in my professional career, and I've learned from that. I was ultimately grateful for having experienced that and it made me a stronger person and fighter."

"That's what you will see on November 5, a stronger and better mentally prepared Nonito Donaire."

An ostensibly mature Nonito Donaire seems to be saying all of the right things at this stage of his career. But at age 33, can "The Filipino Flash" still do the right things inside the ring when it matters the most?

"Reality" will ultimately be revealed on November 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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