Haye vs Bellew prediction: Amir Khan chimes in

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Can Tony Bellew, a light heavyweight just a few years ago, defeat a poised heavyweight in David Haye on March 4?

British boxing star Amir Khan, who knows a lot about his countrymen, Bellew and Haye, recently told Sky Sports he's not expecting an upset.

Khan, a welterweight who last fought above his weight class when he took on middleweight Canelo Alavrez in May, thinks Bellew will be at a disadvatage against Haye, insisting Tony lacks the size to campaign at Heavyweight.

"I think he's maybe just tried to bite too much by going in the ring with a heavyweight," Khan told Sky Sports.

"I like Bellew. I think he's a great fighter and a great champion. I think he should have stayed at his own weight category.

"David's a natural heavyweight and he's a very big puncher. Can he deal with that power? Can he take them big shots?

"David has also got a lot of speed. I can't see [Bellew] winning this fight. I am sorry to say that. David is much bigger and much stronger and has a little bit more experience going into that fight."

Bellew last fought in October, knocking out BJ Flores in the 3rd Round.

After the fight, Bellew headed straight to David Haye who was working ringside for Sky Sports. Both men exchanged verbals before Tony jumped head first through the ropes to in an apparent attempt to attack Haye.


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