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Golovkin vs Wade: Will underdog surprise us all?

Lee Cleveland Updated
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A huge underdog against unified middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, almost no one is giving Dominic Wade a shot on April 23.

However, upsets and amazing feats happen in sports. After all, who would have thought the Chicago Bulls' record of 72 wins in an 82 game season would be broken?

And in 1993, who would have thought Bernard Hopkins would still be fighting, not to mention at the highest level in the sport, in 2014?

Dominic Wade has a chance to defeat Golovkin because boxing isn't basketball. There's no 3 point shot in prizefighting but there are game-winning shots that can come at any time by either participant, regardless of the score.

And Wade, who is 18-0, has probably been working on landing that shot, either by itself or in the form of a 1-2 combination, since training began. Moreover, Gennady Golovkin's recent endorsement deals with Apple and Nike, and all of the buzz about his possible match-ups with Canelo Alvarez, Billy Joe Saunders and Gilberto Ramirez probably haven't sat well with Mr. Wade.

“It kind of motivates me a little bit,” Wade said today during a conference call via BoxingScene.com. “Everybody’s just looking past me already.

"Nobody really gave me the chance. Everybody is kinda looking past, wanting to see the Triple-G and Canelo fight. But you never know what happens in this fight. Maybe I’ll be the one to shut it all down.”

When Dominic Wade fights Golovkin on April 23, he won't only be fighting the world's top middleweight and perhaps the most destructive boxer in the world, he'll be fighting the media, fans and large corporations who have chosen to overlook - and disrespect - him.

"Ain’t nobody really expecting what I’ve got or what I can do in there,” Wade added. “I think everybody is kinda underestimating what I can do and how I perform. And that night I can show it, you know?”

Look for Wade to fight to fight like he has something to prove. When he enters the ring come April 23, Wade will be intent on not just winning, but making a good impression and proving the naysayers wrong.

Will Dominic Wade be the first to rattle Gennady Golovkin just as a then-unheralded Frank Bruno wobbled a version of Mike Tyson who was deemed indestructible?

Will Dominic Wade become the first in 22 Golovkin opponents to take Triple G the distance?

...Or will Dominic Wade use all of the anger and frustration he 's probably feeling to do the unthinkable... and knockout Gennady Golovkin?

Despite being the big underdog, Wade may enter this bout with an edge in one very important category: Motivation 


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