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Golovkin vs Wade prediction: "A great upset, like Holyfield vs Tyson"

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A huge underdog against unified middleweight champion Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin, almost no one is giving Dominic Wade a shot to win Saturday.

The key word is 'almost.'

Sam Watson, a longtime business partner of Al Haymon and boxing aficionado, likes the underdog's chances, despite the overwhelming betting odds.

"This is gonna be the toughest fight GGG ever had," Watson recently told ESNEWS.

"Dominic Wade has a lot to prove.... his whole life he's been waiting on something like this."

Drawing parallels between Evander Holyfield's epic first fight with Mike Tyson, Watson compared Wade's attitude and confidence to Evander's heading into the Holyfield vs Tyson I.

"He [Dominic Wade] is going to show the world."

"Triple G is a bad man... But Dominic Wade has so much to prove."

"He's got a great right hand. Has been boxing for a long time. He's smart. He's hungry. He's got a lot to prove."

"Dominic Wade ain't no joke."

"It's going to be a great upset, like Holyfield and Mike Tyson."

"It's going to be the toughest fight Triple G ever had."

LIke Holyfield vs Tyson?

A 6 to 1 underdog at fight time,  Holyfield stunned then unified heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in Fall 1996, knocking out the latter in Round 11. Wade, however, is closer to a 30 or 50 to 1 underdog and is nowhere near as accomplished as Evander when he faced Tyson.

But Wade is 18-0 so perhaps Watson's prediction isn't impossible after all.

Interview is below (2 min 43 sec)


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