Golovkin vs Wade: The heat is on for 'GGG'

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"The pressure ain't on me....  It's on him," stated middleweight challenger Dominic Wade earlier this week via EsNews.

Wade, of course, will be a massive underdog when he faces unified middleweight champion Gemnady 'GGG' Golovkin Saturday night.

Perhaps the most destructive fighter in boxing, Golovkin is a pro athlete on the cusp. He's red hot among boxing's die-hard fans but has yet to transcend into the mainstream a la Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and the recently-retired Floyd Mayweather.

In addition to potential big fights on the horizon, Golovkin has been recently inked by Nike and Apple and will be paid to endorse their brands.

Golovkin vs Wade
Date: Saturday, Apr 23
Time: 10PM ET /7PM PT

Although he's not a big star among casual fans yet, he has a lot to lose because superstardom is just around the corner.

At 34-0 with 31 knockouts and 21 straight wins inside the distance, Golovkin has set expectations high. As a result, he must continue to dominate opponents and mesmorize fans if he hopes to retain his aura of invinsibility and enhance his stock value.

The heat is on for GGG.


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