Golovkin vs Stevens: GGG stops foe in 8

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"The people know who is who" - Gennady Golovkin. After last night's dominant performance over hard punching Brooklyn native Curtis Stevens, the Kazakh sharpshooter is indeed correct; the fans of boxing know exactly who controls the Middleweight division.

Throughout the eight one sided rounds of prizefighting that took place at "The Theater of Madison Square Garden" in New York City, Gennady Golovkin showed his class in dominating a very good, but seemingly overmatched fighter in Stevens. From the opening bell to closing seconds of the final round, Triple G used his mastery of distance and angles to control the action at multiple ranges.

If the title challenger attempted to use the jab from mid to long range, the reigning champion would merely step to the side and pick the 28 year old fighter apart with a wide assortment of punches.

Whenever the seven year professional tried to get inside Golovkin's defense, the incumbent title holder's shorter, more compact shots would find their mark first.

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There was literally and figuratively nothing that Stevens could do to get the fighting edge over the elite level champion during the entire contest.

After a feeling out round in the opening stanza, both fighters began to open up with single jabs and hooks from mid to long range. Within the final minute of the second round, Golovkin unleashed a double left hook to the jaw of Stevens and floored the brave New Yorker.

Although Stevens beat the referee's count, it was obvious to most watching the action that the powerful Brownsville resident was uncharacteristically the weaker puncher of the two combatants in the ring.

Despite showing a lot of heart throughout the ensuing rounds, Curtis Stevens was kept in check by a mixture of jabs, hooks, and straight right hands thrown and landed by Gennady Golovkin.

Ostensibly behind on every judge's scorecard after eight rounds of action the brave challenger called it an evening and conceded defeat to the masterful WBA Middleweight Champion.

Final punch stats showed the one sided nature of the contest, with Golovkin landing 293 of 794 shots thrown, and Stevens landing only 97 of 303 attempts.

During the post fight interview, Gennady Golovkin had much to say concerning his performance, as well as his future in the packed, but top heavy 160 pound weight class.

"My plan was to just box," stated the reigning WBA Middleweight Champ. "I know I'm champion...I know I am better. My power was better, my speed was better...people know who is who. I am a champion and I'm open for everybody."

When asked specifically who he would target in 2014, Gennady mirrored the popular sentiment.

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"Sergio Martinez, Peter Quillin...I'm here and I'm open for everybody."

Golovkin's next bout has already been scheduled for February 1st, 2014, against an opponent to be named later. Because of the questions surrounding the health of lineal Middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, a fight with "Maravilla" during the first quarter of the new year is highly unlikely. And due to rival network alliances, a contest with WBO title holder Peter Quillin is doubtful as well.

Regardless of who K2 and HBO chooses for the February fight date, Gennady Golovkin is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best pound for pound fighters in boxing by most fight scribes and fans alike.


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