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Golovkin vs. Lemieux: Is Triple G fighting for something more valuable than a world title?

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On Saturday, October 17, current WBA Middleweight champion, Gennady Golovkin (33-0, 30 KOs), will attempt to make his 15th successful title defense against murderous puncher and current IBF titlist David Lemieux (34-2, 31 KOs) of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Not only will Triple G’s 33rd professional bout hold the significance of Middleweight unification, but the highly anticipated showdown at the historic Madison Square Garden is largely being perceived as the LA resident’s toughest test to date. Although Golovkin has fought every 160 pound fighter willing to sign on the dotted line, most skeptics and critics have challenged the Ukrainian born fighter’s resume and overall strength of opposition.

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In the minds of many ringside observers, the inevitable pairing could potentially catapult the blossoming superstar to another level with a decisive and impressive victory on October 17th.

To six decade fight promoter and Hall of Fame matchmaker, Don “War a Week” Chargin, Golovkin’s current scenario reminds him of an all-time great fighter who had many skeptics and critics in his day before a specific bout in 1945.

“In Chicago, there was a Welterweight named Sugar George Costner,” states the legendary boxing promoter.

“He was a tremendously powerful fighter who had been knocking everybody out, leading into his highly anticipated contest with the great Sugar Ray Robinson.”

“Sugar Ray was the greatest that I ever saw, and was the champion at the time. But when the fight was made, Ray told me many years later that some of his biggest supporters jumped to the other side and were backing Costner in that fight." 

"Apparently not everyone at the time was sold on the true greatness that was Sugar Ray Robinson. This really bothered Ray back then.”

“So he predicted before that contest at the old Chicago Stadium, that there would be only one ‘Sugar’ standing not long after the opening bell sounded. The great Ray Robinson knocked who many thought would be the one to stop him out cold within just one round.”

“Ray’s harshest critics became believers after that devastating and dominant performance.”

Although the Hall of Fame boxing proponent would never directly compare Gennady Golovkin to the late, great Sugar Ray, Don does see many similarities between Robinson’s situation with George Costner and Gennady’s current plight for universal recognition and respect leading into his unification bout with the hard punching David Lemieux.

If Triple G takes care of business on Saturday, October 17, and puts forth an inspired KO performance at the hallowed “Mecca of Boxing”, will the 33 year old fighter’s harshest detractors finally give the dominant Middleweight title holder his due credit? And will a resounding victory place the ambitious puncher among the biggest pay-per-view attractions of the sport?

All will be revealed on Saturday, October 17, at the renowned Madison Square Garden.

(Golovkin vs Lemieux | News)


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